Thursday, November 26, 2009

Make your own Necklace.

We girls at Shimi have been offline for a few months now. The end of the year is so busy for everyone, especially mums, and we are no exception. With children in kindergarten, the year seems to get even busy, if that is possible.

But as the year winds down (yes I am for once reasonably organised when it comes to Christmas presents), we are able to deliver on our blog site once again.

We wanted to show you an easy necklace to make. This will take you about 30 minutes....

All you need is :

1 metre x 15cm piece of fabric (silk is best but I have used a textured satin)
Large wooden beads (in different sizes and colours, depending on your taste)

First fold your length of fabric in half with the right side of the fabric together. Iron.
Sew the length of fabric together, leaving your ends open.
Turn the length inside out.
Then simply start by putting one bead inside your tube of fabric and position in the middle.
Take two beads of the same colour and same size and thread your fabric through the whole on each side of the bead in the fabric tube.
This will create a fabric covered bead.
Repeat the process over until you have created a necklace you are happy with.
(make sure you finish with a bead that have fabric threaded through it's hole on either side)
To finish the end of the material, turn the raw edge inside the tube, iron flat and straight stitch.

Use a fabric with your favourite colours and beads to match.

Happy creating.