Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gorgeous Hand-Made Dress

This is the sweetest dress.  Pale blue and white, flared skirt and fitted top with a sweet little belt.

Very MadMen



Jen and Row

Brooches - too cute.

I have just recently become a brooch wearer.

My beautiful Gran had many because every day she would wonder down to town dressed up in her sundress, stockings, hat and always, always a scarf with a brooch in it.  It seems way to much work for me these days, but I always remember what an effort she made just to wander around the two local streets that was her town.

However I just bought a very cute cardigan but it needs a brooch to hold the front flaps together.  I have a couple of my Gran's old brooches but they are very ornate.  Beautiful though.

I really like this elephant brooch.  It is fun.  Cute colours too.



Skincare Regime.

I have always struggled with finding the right skincare for my skin.  I used to by one product and see how it went on my skin, and most of the time it made no difference.  I have since worked out that this is probably because you need to use three or four products in conjunction to see a real difference.

This is why I love the Jewell Skincare starter pack.  It has your cleanser, toner and moisturiser in one pack so you can trial it and really understand how combining the three will make a difference to your skin.  It is only $69 also, so far less expensive then most brands out there on the market.

Orange Blossom Floral Water (Toner)
Balancing Moisturiser
Lime & Lavender Cleanser
Rose Petal Floral Water (Toner)
Nuturing Moisturiser
Rose Cleanser
Rose Petal Floral Water (Toner)
Protecting Moisturiser
Use all of the products morning and evening.
All products are 100ml each.

If you have sensitive skin, this is worth a try.

Jen and Row

Where are they now.

I don't know why I am always so interested in the "where are they now" stories, but they always suck me in.

This is the latest article I have found :  "Where are they now - they cast of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory"  (the old version).



Monday, May 30, 2011

Shellac Nail Peolish

I love having painting fingernails.  I also HATE having chipped painted fingernails.  So unless I have fake nails put on (which I don't really like, feels a bit bulky on my hands) I only ever wear nail polish for a day before it gets chipped and I have to take it off.

However I just found a nail nail polish called Shellac by CND.  Apparently is goes on like a normal polish but dries like a gel for a chip-resistant finish.  It is about $30-$50 which is about $25-$45 more then I usually pay for polish, but if it does what it says it will I would pay that.

I will let you know the verdict when I buy some.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Village Mobile Phone Pouch

So Cute

Keep your phone safe, scratch free and looking great with this super cute phone pouch. 
Vital Statistics: 
Cover: cotton/linen 
Lining: blue pin spot (cotton)
Measures: 8cm wide (internal) x 11.25cm (min) - 13cm (max) high.

Fits up to an iphone size, its lightly interfaced for extra durability.

Features a black elastic to keep your pouch secured 

CARE: Spot clean recommended, however if your phone pouch really needs a wash please hand wash in cold water and drip dry. Do not tumble dry! Warm iron. --- 

Please note that pattern placement may vary from the pouch pictured – each pouch is unique but will be just as gorgeous!

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Great Essential Wardrobe Cami's

With winter only weeks away it is time to pull out the camis.  These are great little essentials to have in the wardrobe to go under cardigans, jumpers or suit jackets.

Here are a variety from Mango.

Keep the sun in winter with this lemon camisole.

Gorgeous Green

Surprisingly this colour goes with so much.

No matter how many white tops you have, you can always use another.

Just a little sparkle.

Simple and chic cream.

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Styling from a six year old - again

I know it may seem a little ridiculous to accessorize little ones outfits, but wouldn't this little wallet be perfect with the dress we featured from Hot Fudge.

How Cute.

Vital Statistics: 
Cover: cotton/linen 
Lining: yellow pin spot lining (cotton)
Measures: 13.5cm x 10.5cm 
Lightly interfaced for extra durability. 
Features a snap fastener to secure your wallet closed.
Spot clean recommended, however if your wallet really needs a wash please hand wash in cold water and drip dry. Do not tumble dry! Warm iron.  
Please note that pattern placement may vary from the wallet pictured – each wallet is unique but will be just as gorgeous!

Jen and Row

Styling from a six year old.

This is the most gorgeous little number.

I love seeing little girls dresses in interesting fashion, not just the normal pink or purple.  I also love seeing little girls in pretty dresses.

This little number combines the two.


Gone are the days when I can dress my little one in the fashion that I love.  She has her own ideas on fashion these days - (well she is 6 for goodness sake).  Most days she dresses in an interesting mix of colours and patterns.  Her styling knows no boundaries and she is very confident in her choices.  Yah for her.

However if you are still lucky enough to have input into you little ones wardrobe you should check out Hot Fudge on Etsy - gorgeous.

Jen and Row.

Love dresses?

There is no theme to these dresses, they are just simple stylish dresses.

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Friday, May 27, 2011

Note to Self : I Am Enough

Since having my daughter 7 years ago I have been meaning to do a painting for her room with the words "Isn't She Lovely, Made From Love" on it.  The song always brings a tear to my eye - it is such a happy song with loving lyrics.

Then I had my first son and I still aim to make him a painting with the words "How Wonderful Life Is Now Your In The World".  Makes me cry as well.

Now my beautiful second son has been born and I am searching my favourite songs for a phrase that best explains how I feel for him.  Still searching, but it will come to me and maybe one day I will deliver on my promise to myself to do these paintings.

In the meantime I found this gorgeous picture....



Rant Clothing

Hmmm, this is my sort of clothing.

Rant Clothing is the product of Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky and Jason Hodoniczky who receive inspiration from their natural surroundings.

The design pieces are very easy wearing and are made from natural fibres, with all garments being produced ethically and in Australia.

On a personal level I love these designs because they are simple and structured.  Obviously to easy to wear (and very little ironing, which is a virtue I am passionate about!) and the collection mixes and matches very well.

Here's the link to the store.  It is worth a look.


Jen and Row

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Strappy and Stylish

Love a strappy dress.  These dresses from Mango are very cute.

Great for a night out, equally lovely for a long Sunday lunch.  Gorgeous Dress.

Yes, this is one for the young ones.  A cute dress with some frills, how cute.

Have some fun with these dresses.

Jen and Row

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Office Style Fashion

While we all like to look our best all of the time, sometimes work wear gets a bit monotonous.  These dresses are great for the office environment but are versatile enough to add different accessories to give a different look so you don't feel like you are wearing the same old thing every week.

Black, nude or tan - all great with this dress.

Again black or white, tan or natural.  Pop on a jacket for the cooler months.

Love this dress with the nude shoes, but black or a great pair of red shoes will bring out a different look each time.

Jen and Row

Monkey and the Brown Man

I'm very excited to have found this site : Monkey and the Brown Man

This label makes to order.  The benefit environmentally to working this way?  No excess products.  Fabric, clothing and apparel make up a huge percentage of landfill.  Much of this is due to consumers updating their wardrobe, but another very large amount is made up of unused fabric and unsold products.  Hence, producing only what is needed is a fabulous way to aid in keeping our planet happy :)

Monkey & the Brown Man have some very cute, funky clothing for girls and guys.  Quite simple designs, but very stylish cuts, bright hues and a flirty feel to them.


Of course I am always focused on the women's clothing (my husband can shop for himself!), however Monkey and the Brown Man have a great men's organic t-shirt range.

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Children's Inhibitions - Fantastic

I just love my children's total inhibitions at home.  I think it means they feel absolute comfort.

This is my boy being a dill.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vintage Housewife Style

I love these little dresses.  They have a very 60s housewife feel, and are oh so cute.

What do you think?

Love the small floral print on this summer dress.

Another flattering dress. The high waist makes the legs look longer (and who doesn't want longer legs?) Soft pastel colours, hmmm devine.

Lovely replica vintage dresses.

Jen and Row

M*Inc Clutches

B&W vintage floral fabric clutch with black cotton lining. 

Matching covered button. 

These retro styled clutch purses are designed and made in Melbourne by Miyuki Mardon.

 Made from predominantly vintage/ recycled or remnat fabrics, making them limited editions of each fabric design. 

They are all fully lined with matching button & magnetic snap for easy access. Measuring 42X23cm, it is perfect for carrying all your essentials for a night out.

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Mango Maxi Dresses

These Maxi Dresses are so ultra stylish.    The skirts are very full which gives them quite a formal feel.  However with a some accessorising you could wear these casually as well.

Very classic look.  Soft and flowing and so very pretty.

Absolutely gorgeous.  This vintage style maxi dress is a great winter option with it's long sleeves.  Put with some tan accessories and rock the 70s style.

A little more a a casual maxi dress.  Nice and bright and easy to wear.

Which one is your favourite?  Maxis are a style which suits almost everyone.

Jen and Row

Monday, May 23, 2011

Organic Women's Wear

Love the simple but essential fashion?  Plain T's, loose, comfortable pants and casual dresses.

Well if this is the case you need to head over to : http://www.bamboobody.com.au/Women-c15/

Whilst the deigns are simple they come in a range of colours and styles and being made from bamboo, so lovely and soft on the skin.

Take a look at their collection.

Jen and Row

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scratched Glasses, but do we ever learn?

Each time I buy a new pair of glasses I swear I will put them in their hard case everytime to save those nasty scratches.  But I end up just throwing them in my bag generally because the case is to big and bulking and whilst I have to carrying around a bag full of baby things, I have no room at all.

So I have turned to these cute soft cases from M*inc.  Much less intrusive and still keeps sunglasses scratch free.

Gorgeous Japanese inspired Green Floral Sunglass Case to keep your sunnies scratch free. These sunglass cases are designed and made in Melbourne by Miyuki Mardon. Made from predominantly vintage/recycled or remnant fabrics, making them limited editions of each fabric design.

There is a metal 'flex frame' in the top, which you squeeze to open the case from the sides, allowing easy access to the sunglasses/glasses. Also means that they don't slip out of the case!
Approx size: 9 x 21cm.

Happy Shopping
Jen and Row

Stripes, stripes and more stripes

Stripes get a bad wrap I think.  The old "never wear horizontal stripes because it makes you look bigger".

Well I say wear what makes you comfortable.  I also think stripes are very stylish.  Take a look at these great Mango designs.

Great look and very flattering.  Horizontal strips around the shoulders make the hips look smaller, and vertical lines add length to the torso.  Great Dress.

The nautical feel.  Try with red accessories also.

Gorgeous colours in this dress make a simple style very striking.

A simple shift dress with great some great detailing.

Sweet little dress.

Again another comfortable dress.  A draw string waist makes this comfortable dress flattering by pulling it in at the waist.

Shirt dress, put with flat ballet shoes, perfect daytime outfit.


Lots of comfortable stylish dresses in this lot.  Take you pick.

Jen and Row