Friday, February 26, 2010

Organic Skincare

The benefits of organic and natural skincare are amazing. Just like we monitor what we ingest in our body, we should also monitor what we put on our skin, as our skin absorbs any product on our skin, into our body.
Shimi has a beautiful range or natural aromatherapy skin care products : . Not only are the products wonderful on the skin, they smell delicious. I personally use the scrub, toners moisturisers religiously, but I also love the lip balm, and the shampoo and conditioner.

If you have problem skin our Green Clay Mask is amazing You can feel it draw the impurities out of your skin - I love it.

It is wonderful to have fresh and happy skin, but as women we always feel the need to pop on makeup (who doesn't love mascara, or a dab of lippy). We have found some great organic makeup products on the market from a company called Naturally Safe :,75/Cosmetics

Or Bare Naked Beauty has some glorious products like this gorgeous Lip Gloss

For all your skin care needs though at really excellent prices (compare them to department stores and you will find them comparable or less expensive) head to
Jen & Row

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I had the good fortune to have a weekend away sans kids and husband, with two very special friends at a beautiful 5 star resort on the weekend.

We made the most of it and went early Saturday morning, spent the morning shopping, lunch out, more shopping, resort, swim, bar, dinner, etc. All without having to take a little person to the toilet, which was my last experience with dining out. Not once did my friend and I have to interrupt our lunch to take one of the kids to the bathroom, but six times between the two of us. Not that we expected to go out and have our kids abnormally sit beside us and not utter a work, but six bathroom breaks was pushing it slightly. When you have got to got, you've got to go I guess.

That made us all appreciate our mini break even more I think. Shopping was even a little different to us, but I think that is a holiday thing. I make very different purchasing when on holidays to what I would normally buy. Normal shopping seems to be very practical and sensible when you have kids, but the minute I am on holidays I start looking at the gorgeous flowing Maxi's and the super high heel shoes. And I am pleased to say I invested in both (and for a nearly 60% of each - shopping is great, but when you get a bargain, is there anything better).

It did get me thinking, why don't I live like this normally. Obviously I wouldn't break my neck wearing heels to the playground, but why not through on a great maxi dress - they are certainly the cooler option in summer. Love a maxi!! Here are a couple of favourites:

This is a great little number for those of us who like to cover up the tops of our arms, from Mimosa

These numbers are so easy to wear and cover a multitude of sins. When autumn comes, pop on a cardigan, and you've got it for another season.
Happy shopping.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stylish and Pregnant!

It is very hard to maintain that styled look when pregnant, especially in the later stages. It seems to be something that taller women can manage quite well, but those of us who are short, don't have the same luck most of the time.

The best thing to do when pregnant is stick to the classic colours - black, white, natural, navy and red. It can get a bit boring, but that is when accessorising comes into it. White pants are versatile and stylish and go with almost everything. Pop them on with a plain black or white top and some great beads and you are good to go. These are from designer Bellicious - available at (more colours available).

However the poncho is fast becoming a pregnancy favourite. Not only because is falls nicely over the pregnancy bump, and can add some colour to a neutral palate, but it is great for breastfeeding after the babe is born. Light enough to slip baby under to feed, but still give mum some privacy. This great poncho is so much fun, also available at

But as mentioned, shoes and accessories will make or break an outfit. Flat shoes are a must when pregnant, so try a lovely pair of ballet flats. I love these silver flats, with just a hint of a heel for that feminine look. Available at Sanna Shoes

Last but not least a great bag - our beautiful Bo Belle products are hard to go past. Available at Shimi.... very soon.

Monday, February 15, 2010

There is (as always in fashion) a recurrence of the natural (or beige) look. Natural coloured dresses are everywhere, from edgy to feminine and floaty. It can be a colour (or non colour) that some cannot wear, but those with an exotic or dark look, team perfectly with the natural colour. However if you don't have the skin colouring to take on this fashion, go for accessories. A little black dress with natural coloured shoes and bag look stylish, chic and timeless (think the little channel two tone ballet shoes). Viva La Paris!!!

We have collected a few of our favourite natural looks this season. Of course first on the list is Shimi's range of natural (and organic) coloured T-shirts. Fantastic with jeans and beautiful to wear.

But if you are after something a little more dressy, you can't go past the feminine elegance of these two items from Country Road and Witchery:

Team with these shoes from Simply Stilettos

or put with black accessories for a gorgeous night out.

And coming soon to Shimi - these beautiful Eel Leather Bags - our personal favourite, the Smoky White Clutch. Contact for details, stock is on its way!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Arghhh, I am sick with anxiety about schools. My eldest has started Prep this year, and although I thought I was prepared for the anxiety that goes with sending my first born off to school, if is far worse then I expected.

Not only am I and my son missing her like crazy, she is not enjoying school at all. Which is a surprise because the holidays were all about, "When can I go to school Mum". It is probably the biggest change our little ones will have...... ever, but that is not comforting when you leave them in there class room sobbing.

The problem for my little one is that now she is at school, there is more structure, and she being very much like me, does not do well in overly structured environments. Be it nature or nurture, she likes to focus on the activity of HER choice, and this is usually craft. So at the moment, school is "boring" and they don't do enough "craft", so the tears flow readily. I guess I will have to step up and have craft organised for her to do every afternoon, so she doesn't leave behind that great artistic flair she has evolved.

Also, considering which school our kids will go to is such a hard task. When I was young there was one, maybe two schools to choose between, so really there was no choice. I now have about 10 schools to choose from, but which is best. And of course, enrolments for good high schools seems to start at birth.

Who know it would be this hard???