Thursday, June 24, 2010

Girls Weekend Away

A group of girlfriends and I are planning a Girls Weekend Away, complete with cooking classes, dinner out, movies and the best of all - no interruptions from husbands and children (as much as we love them to bits). After numerous discussion we agreed that our husbands can more then handle two full days and a night with the children without world war three breaking out.

It was agreed! No sooner had we agreed then I had to reconsider my decision. I had to work last night, and low and behold came home to sobbing children and a husband pulling his hair out. My kids had refused to go to bed until I had come home from work (10pm) and my husband, knowing how fragile they are after a late night, was desperately trying to persuade them to sleep.

In the end I cuddles them for 10 minutes and they were out like a light. Just before my daughter fell asleep she told me she had written something special in her scrapbook. It was an "I love you list" with Mummy, Daddy and Brother on it - with Daddy crossed out.

My husband was quite upset about this scratching from the "I love you list". He confronted my daughter about it that morning asking if he was still off the list, to which my daughter answered "Yes". My husband crumbled and said very meekly "How do I get back on". He is not wrapped around her finger at all!!!!

Anyway, I am still really looking foward to my night away. A few new purchases need to be made though - new clutch and pjs. Don't forget Shimi has 10% of (code : FBCUST) and if you make a purchase in June or July you go into the draw to win a fabulous Myoriginalsin Clutch.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sale at Shimi

For the next 7 days we invite our special Blog follows to take advantage of our current offer:

10% off for the next 7 Days (offer ends 25th July 2010) - just enter Coupon Code : FBCUST when going through the checkout to redeem your 10%.

Also : Make a purchase in the Month of June and July and go into the draw to win a Beautiful Clutch (of your choice) from Myoriginalsin

Mobile Phone Pouches

We have just received these cute Mobile Phone Pouches from Rabbit and The Duck. Fashionable and cute with that organic feel, these are not only a great accessory but they will protect your phone as well (as long as you don't drop it in water - not much we can do about that!)

I sadly lost my old Samsung phone recently when I took my kids to the park and filled my bag up with the normal - crackers, sunburn cream, water bottles, my phone, a bit of money and hats. Of course I had to take the dodgy water bottles (you know, the kind that are in the throw out bin at the $2 shop) where the lids never fit quite right and.... yes, water all over the phone. Therefore a phone that no longer works.

So I was without a phone for 4 WHOLE DAYS - how did I cope.... Actually it was quite nice not to be accessible at all times. Oh well, now I have my new IPhone that I love I am back to being contactable at all hours. No rest for the wicked.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Bags from Myoriginalsin

Know someone getting married? Need a great bag for a chic night on the town? We have beautiful new bags from Myoriginalsin. So fabulous that you will want to build an outfit around it, rather then by it to go with an outfit.

White Flowers : , is so very delicate and sweet. Perfect for a wedding, but don't put it into that one small hole. This clutch would be gorgeous with jeans and a cute white shirt or a cute sundress.

Black and White Striped Flowers : , so French and Chic it hurts. This will go with all your black and white, and would be a great with anything red. Fabulous for day or night.

All in store now at Shimi :

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Couture Time

Recently we introduced Couture Time to Shimi. This delicate and feminine collection is bought to us by Swedish designer Andreea Manea.

Couture Time has beautiful evening dresses, gorgeous embellished t-shirts, with even a bit of rock n' roll thrown in. (click here to see all designs).

These couture made to order garments will fit to your shape, and are unique and timeless, and will be a permanent fixture on your wardrobe rotation for years to come.

Simple, beautiful WINTER PJ'S

I love my winter pj's - can never have enough pairs. Am loving the new winter pj's we have in store. They are in a classic grey.. Simple comfortable design with cute star detailing on top and pants.. See more... Anna Stockel Pyjamas

I actually won't mind getting caught out in these pj's!! (Hasn't it happened to us all - ducking out in the middle of the night to pick up a stranded friend or partner and the car breaks down)!

Looking for something special for someone special... look no further!