Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Travel Journal

I just visited my best friend in hospital last night to meet her newborn son.  Even though I have a 4 months old myself, I was instantly clucky again - newborns are just the sweetest thing on earth.

I love her story though.  At 34 El got married last year and promptly told everyone at the wedding reception that it was time for her husband to get to work and get her pregnant.  We all laughed thinking that they would enjoy their honeymoon and try for a baby later in the year.  Not the case, El had morning sickness for the majority of their European holiday.

It is really not fun being sick whilst on holidays no matter how happy about being sick you are.  I had an infected wisdom tooth on one holiday and was so dosed up with pain killers I didn't know where I was and promptly left my husband's work camera (it was digital and this was when digital was just new and nobody could afford one) in the hire care.  My husband had to make a mad dash off the plane to retrieve it.  All I could do it look at him when he arrived back on the plane and say "OK, let me have it".  I let him rant and rave for a few minutes and then feel asleep.  The painkillers had their use!

Do you have a great travel story?  So our theme today is travel.  We have just included the gorgeous Rabbit and The Duck Travel Journal Wallet on www.shimi.com.au (at the top).

We have found some gorgeous Travel Inspired fashion, decor and craft.

This pillow case from My Bearded Pigeon is bright and fun.  Great as a featured cushion.

These envelopes are from Caffeinated Prints.  I never receive mail via the post anymore.  How special would it be to receive a letter with this as the envelope?

Another great way to use old maps is for wrapping paper.  Love this display from Kikki K.

So of course we need to look at real Travel Journals.  This one is from Odds N Blobs.

Love this little Caravan Travel Journal from Tamptation also.

Happy Travels

Jen and Row

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beautiful Quilts

My mum is a quilter, or used to be before she found her latest hobby - card making.  However my children and I have scored some beautiful quilts in the meantime.  Although I think I just about drive my mum to drink copious amounts Kaluha and Milk just to come up with a design but we got there in the end.  My style is rather more sedate then most patch workers quilt design.  Rather beautiful are most quilts and so much work that goes into them, but I am a less is more type of person.

This quilt I have been trying to bribe my mother into making for years.  But I think it is just a bit to boring to spend all that time on.  Yes it is lovely, but when you are sewing for hours on end I guess you want a bit of colour and pattern in there.

However  she is my mum and I love her to bits and I am still working on her....

Would love this quilt in white, but the pink is lovely.

So if Mum won't come through for me (How dare she has a life that doesn't involving sewing for me!!!) I can get something very similar at Ada and Darcy.

This Moroccan Wedding Blanket from Table Tonic is beautiful.  I just want to wrap myself in it, it looks so soft and soothing, like a hug from Mum.

Hmmm, it is a cold Sunday night and all this talk of warm bedding is making me sleepy.  Is it wrong to go to bed at 7.15?

Jen and Row

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Tropical Wedding

I have a wedding to go to in Fiji at the end of the year and I am very exciting.  Mainly because I love a wedding, but Fiji is pretty high on the excitement gauge as well.

Not sure what our beautiful bride will be wearing but I have no doubt she will look gorgeous.  I guess the groom will as well, but really, it's all about the bride isn't it.  The dress can sometimes be the easy part, it's everything else that goes along with the dress that takes up the head space.

(This lovely headdress is from Petal and Thorn)

I was not your typical bride.  Yep, I had the white dress and the flowers and my father walked me down the isle, but my mum had to literally force me into a bridal boutique to choose a dress and the flowers... well I asked the florist what they thought, first suggestion, yep that sounds fine.  It was a low key wedding, 45 people, no bridesmaid or groomsman and it was a really special day.  I think it was simple and elegant, just as I wanted.  If I did it again - all exactly the same, except I would wear my hair down.  And maybe I would not invite the older woman (who shall remain nameless)  who got shamelessly drunk and attempted to get down on the dance floor with my poor 18 year old cousin.  Not pretty.

And that is the problem with weddings isn't it?  This is a day that will be high on the memory list for the rest of your life, so you have to get it right.  You don't want to look back in 10 years and cringe at the dress you chose.  A tropical wedding is always safe though I think as the theme never gets old - tropical equals (to me), happy, pretty and joyous.

We have found a few lovely things that suit our idea of tropical weddings .....

This is a Tropical Coconut Pavlova Cake.  Just gorgeous and elegant still keeping with the tropical theme.

What a sweet idea

The Hibiscus Flower - so tropical. 

Now as a guest, what am I going to wear.  Not only do I have myself to dress, but three kids and a husband.  Oh well, I'll worry about myself first huh!

I am loving this Aryn K dress

Or maybe I should build my wardrobe around my clutch

Or around the shoes

It is quite nice shopping for summer things in winter...

Ok, so I can't resist having a look for my daughter

Oh, this little dress is delightful.  Not overly formal but with a cute pair of sandals and a pretty headband I think she will pass with flying colours.

This is handmade from Sweetie Pie Designs.

Well I think the search for Miss 7s dress is done, but still nothing for me.  Oh well.  Any suggestions??

And tell us, what would you do different if you had your wedding again?

Jen and Row

Oh Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town

I'm such a sucker for a Kenny Rogers song and this is coming from a Country Music fledgling.  But from a young age my aunt and uncle listened to him and I feel in love.  Kenny and Dolly, a match made in heaven.  Although have you seen Kenny's face lift?  He looks constantly surprised those sleepy eyes he used to sport are gone :(

Anyway, July is imminent and the birth stone is Ruby.  Oh Ruby, don't take your love to town.  Put it in your wardrobe for goodness sake!  Red is the bomb for me.  I don't do red lipstick... but I wish I could.  So I supplement my wardrobe with lots of red pieces, especially tops and shoes.  Accessories in red definitely work well as you can still keep the demure classic look but funk it up a bit with a great bangle or bag.

Her is what we have found:

Of course from Shimi

A little Max and Cleo of the shoulder number.

Soft and casual, love the look of this Mango Skirt.

Had to add this one as well.  A little more formal but no less versatile is this Mango Red Skirt.

How cute is this.  Wouldn't you feel like you were in an old 50s movie wandering along with this on your shoulder.  Of course to get the full effect you would need to walk around with this facing your audience, but all in the name of fashion.  From Umbrellas 4 Life.

Yum.  Makes me want to find a huge juicy red apple and crunch it.  Actually that is my greatest memory of Sesame Street from my childhood.  Grover I think had a skit where he crunched into a huge ruby red apple and to this day I still think of Grover when I eat a red apple.  My first crush....
This one is from Rabbit and The Duck

Another Rabbit and The Duck.  Very Retro.

Wow - love this cocktail ring.  Makes me want to eat a boiled lolly.  From Studio Leanne.

Jen and Row

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Seriously -Who Wears These

Yes, I like the idea of legs that go forever as much as the next person.  I love the idea of being the cool stylish mum that drops the kids to school dressed in my skinny jeans and higher then high heels (I would potentially pop on a top as well... sort of a fashion rule for me - go out fully clothed).  However beautiful these shoes are, they will be pretty limited in their outings if they lived in my wardrobe.

So last week I meet a couple of girlfriends, one heavily pregnant the other with a 8 week old and me with a 12 week old.  I braved it and popped on a pair of high wedges.  I then proceeded to walk around the shopping centre where we meet and feel of my wedges not once, not twice, not thrice but four times.  Highly embarrassing.  At least I had undies on I guess.  So I left the shopping centre not feeling cool and stylish, but feeling like a clumsy frump.

I think it is best to leave my heels for nights out at a lovely restaurant where I will be sitting for the majority of the evening.

These ballet flats are more my style

Just to end on a high note - look at these beauties, comfort and style all wrapped up in a piece of chain and a couple of nails.   Great for a trip to the park with the kids, or just a casual day around the house......  if you are a member of the Jersey Shore Crew and your name is Bubbles.

Jen and Row

Join Our Blog and Win A Dress

We love hearing from our Beautiful Followers, so join them.  To go into the draw to win the pretty dress simply do three things:

1. Subscribe to Shimi
2. Join our Blog
3. Make a comment on our Blog

Then you are in the draw to win this Gorgeous Dress from Shimi (RRP $69.90).  Lovely and Casual, this dress looks beautiful with a pair of sandals and a sun hat.  For the cooler months, pop over a pair of jeans.  Beautiful embroidered neckline, sleeve edge and hem make this dress very feminine.

Entries close 20th July 2011.

Looking forward to all your lovely comments.

Jen and Row

The Natural Elements - our Top Ten Favourites.

 I have never felt particularly sophisticated.  I am short and curvy and I guess my idea of sophisticated is tall and willowy.  Think Audrey Hepburn or Cate Blanchett.  They always looked/look stylish and polished.  Audrey wore the LBD so well, and when going a bit more casual, it was cigarette pants and twin sets.  Cate on the other hand does wear very quirky things, but she seems to always wear the very streamlined designs.  However the two things they have in common is that they wore/wear neutral colours and if there is bold colouring in the outfits, it is limited to one bold colour.

I think it was Audrey Hepburn that said before you go out look in the mirror and take one thing off.  Less is More in other words.

We have compiled a list of our top Natural and Neutral items to create that fantastic sophisticated look.

  1.  At the top of the page is a gorgeous skirt from Mango, available from our Amazon Store (and half price at the moment).  With a slight flair this give the impression of a smooth streamlined skirt without having to worry about going on the Cabbage Soup diet before hand.  Navy Blue and Cream, great colours to mix and match with and a touch of yellow brings some sunshine to the look.

2. Freesia Portfolio .  Very cute little bag with natural elements in the handle and buttons.  All organic and earth-friendly materials used in the satchel with front pockets for small items and interior products to keep little items from getting lost at the bottom of the bag.  Available from our store www.shimi.com.au .

3.  Kenneth Cole Earrings.  Simple yet unusual.  Gold will mix and match with almost anything, especially the earthy colours.

4. Sandals may not be great for the weather at the moment, but these are very stylish.   Pop on some subtle nail polish and you are good to go.

5. Natural fabric brooch from Wild Ginger Silk.  Brooches are very hot right now.  Soft and romantic pin this as a feature or even to hold a cardigan together.  Buy two and pin them as a feature on a pair of plain black ballet slippers.

6.  A belt is a must.  This wide cream leather eyelet elastic belt is very chic.  Pop this on with our Number 1. skirt and a navy top.  From Topshop.

8. Mango Dress.  This I love.  Soft natural fabric, floaty with a beautiful cut.  Great as just a dress, but equally lovely over a pair of skinny jeans or tights.

9. Beaded Cuff from Monkey Buns.  Soft colour but with a slight edge that cuffs bring.

10.  Last but not least, a classic white shirt.  This one from Aryn K is stylish and anything but boring with it's different textures.  

Happy Shopping
Jen and Row

Sunday, June 19, 2011

50% off Mango

Just had to share this with you.  50% currently off this gorgeous Mango Dress available from our Amazon Store now.

It is a Romantic style open knit dress with a v-neck, self fabric tied band and a bow at the waist.  All with with beautiful trim detailing along the neckline and armholes.

This would look lovely with a little jacket and a pair of wedges.

Jen and Row

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baby Chic

Here is a pile of some of the cutest baby things you could put on your bub.


Of course our delightful Baby Shoes from www.shimi.com.au

Add one dress from Club Baby

We can't have our dress getting dirty.  However there is no need not to look stylish.  This cute bib is from Lark

Legwarmers.  So glad they are back.  These are from The Infant Boutique

Of course for these winter months - a hat.  From Gaia Organic Cotton


Another great baby shoe from www.shimi.com.

The nautical look from Club Baby

Great Organic Jeans from Bobux

This is probably the cutest hat I have seen - Love It. From Cradle Rock.

Jen and Row