Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We love.....happy customers!

We love to hear from our Shimi customers regarding our products.
We believe in what we have to offer, so its great to hear it from our loyal customers too!

Here's a testimonial on some of our best selling products...
'I have been using the Jewell skincare products purchased from Shimi, and am extremely happy with them. My skin looks and feels better, and I have even been asked by others what product I use.
myoriginalsin Clutches... what can I say. I have purchased 2 for gifts, and I have 1 for myself, and love them. They are very unique and beautifully made.' Erin, Theodore QLD.

Thanks for your feedback Erin, we are wrapped that you are happy!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Nine West Bargains

Nine West is one of my favourite shops, but one I regularly walk straight past because I know I will find something in there that I LOVE, but price wise, it is a special occasion store for me. However when I have bought from Nine West, my shoes and/or bag will last me forever, and I will use the items almost daily.

At Shimi we have found Nine West shoes through Amazon for a fraction of the price (prices are in US$ but don't be scared off by that because the AU$ is nearly equivalent!!) We have hand picked a few gorgeous summer styles in shoes for you, plus some great bright summer bags.

Not only are Nine West very fashionable, but wearing their shoes are a little slice of heaven comfort wise. And whilst Nine West are synonymous with style and special occasion, don't discard them for great work shoes (nothing to say you can't be super stylish at work!!). When you are in a pair of shoes for at least 8 hours comfort is essential.

One thing to consider with Nine West is that they are quite roomy and many people will comment that they could go down half a size, so if you are in between, go for the smaller size.

You can buy Nine West shoes on line at - but for a fraction of the price, check out Shimi and head to Designer Fashion and Footwear. Click on the image that you would like to more about and you will be taken directly to Amazon, where you can check out all the latest products and deals. Please remember, sizes are in US sizes and prices are in US$. You can reference size conversions at Size Chart.

Happy Shopping. Love

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Celebrity Designer - Heidi Klum for New Balance.

There are so many Celebrities designer for Design Houses these days, some great, some not so great (lets not name names). Most seem to cater for the dressy and funky fashion, but Heidi Klum has joined with New Balance to come up with a cute range of Exercise and Lounge wear.

I have rabbited on about how much I love Lounge wear many times before in this blog. My main aim when I am at home is to be comfortable, but tracky daks and PJ's aren't an option for me, until well after dark. So great lounge wear in a few basic colours is always the way to go.

This line is only available on line through Amazon which is now available through Shimi. The beauty of buying this online is that the Heidi Klum for New Balance line is all form fitting or loose, in stretchy material, so fit is easy. How much fun is it to shop from your bed!!

Dresses, T-Shirts, Hoodies, track pants are all in this range, all in basic colours (black, marle, beige). Mix and match and always feel comfortable. Great new styles now available from Shimi, shop anytime, day or night, but remember all sizes are in US sizes, and prices are in US$. Just click on the image you are interested in and be transferred to our Amazon site to place your order. Please check shipping rates before confirming your order (any orders placed through Shimi for Amazon does NOT incur Shimi's flat shipping rate of $6). Shipping time should take about 14 days.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Comfortable Shoes - The Eternal Search

It hurts to be fashionable...... that is probably OK when you are in your teens or even your twenties, but after you hit thirty and have a couple of kids to run around after anything but comfort is no longer an option. Is it possible to be ultra fashionable and comfortable... hmm debatable. Some fashion just isn't meant for comfort - like skinny jeans, ultra short minis and g-strings. Shoes have always been a problem for most of us at some stage, heels are usually not the most comfortable unless you have had lots of practice, so can we find comfort, height and style?

I did just recently. I found a gorgeous pair of heels for my best friends wedding. Not ultra high as I am currently pregnant and a belly and heels are not the best combination, however still heels, which due to working from home I do not wear very much. I love my ballet flats!! However I spent the good part of 8 hours in these shoes which by the way were only $40, and felt like I was wearing slippers the entire night. The next time I wore them, some two weeks later, I got out of the car, walked across the road to the restaurant, and one of the heels came right off. So I got comfort and style, but not quality.

However, it can be found. Steve Madden is an eternal favourite of mine, and when I was an office going worker, my shoe wardrobe was full of Steve Madden numbers. Well, it is still full of Steve Madden, just not as many heels these days. At Shimi, we now bring you Steve Madden. Lots of heels, wedges and a few sandals and flats in there for good measure (look out for our flats, sandal and wedges range available soon). We love Steve Madden because the styles are always slightly quirky, but still chic and sophisticated. That is not to say you can't go a bit more unique by mixing up the colours a bit - who doesn't love a bright red shoe.

From our research (personal and anon) most people will agree that the designs are comfortable, especially the heel shoes and the prices are very reasonable. The designers certainly have their eye on the pie and you will find their styles are at the front of the fashion world. Steve Madden also designs men's shoes, glasses and bags, and I hear a rumour a clothing label will be out very soon.....very exciting. Rihanna was spotted just the other day in a Steve Madden boutique spending up - you can't get much more of a recommendation then that.

So visit Shimi today and take a look at our lovely range of summer shoes available though Shimi. Please not that price and size are in US figures, however visit our Size Chart web page to convert your size, and with the American Dollar so low, now is the time to buy from the US.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

French Connection

French Connection - synonymous with a nice relaxed style which can be likened to Country Road. If you are looking for a stylish clothing line with clean lines, classic colour combinations and feminine well-fitting styles French Connection is the brand for you.

Many of the French Connection pieces will make up a good staple wardrobe for you, just leaving you to add a few dramatic key pieces each season. Although French Connection is considered pricey the quality is excellent with pieces being able to be worn year after year and still maintain their colour and shape. French Connection has been likened to Marc & Marc, just less expensive.

At Shimi we have the cutest French Connection dresses this season, some cool and comfortable, some with a little more of a tailored look for those that need a more work orientated wardrobe. Fabulous print summer frocks, shirt-waister dresses and shift dresses make up the collection at Shimi this year, with a couple of cute shorts thrown in.

Whilst many of the styles this year may be a little short for those of us that prefer not to show off their legs (hands up here) Shimi have a couple of gorgeous knee length dresses (Miami Palm Dress) that would suit most figures.

Our personal favourite is the Candy Stripe Dress available for $168US (you can purchase this dress directly from French Connection of $199AU). Look out for the likes of Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, Kourtney Kardasian and Cat Deely wearing French Connection!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Shimi Girls Catchup!

Jen and I opened our online Shimi store two years ago, but haven't actually seen each other for about 5 1/2 years! We live in two different states. Due to the technology that we have these days, we were able to communicate all business operations via email or phone.
And of course, on a personal level, we are always talking over the phone too. However, sometimes that is just not enough! There is nothing better than actually sitting and laughing with a friend - in person!

So, in July this year, we had a weekend together... Some of it spent just the two of us - over a quiet dinner and the rest with Jen's gorgeous family.. I kept having moments of de ja vu - when we flatted together in Cairns - many years ago! Very funny..

I am so grateful for the precious time we spent together - we have vowed not to leave it so long next time! xx