Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Want Cake

It's time to get serious about the diet.....

So I will just droll over pictures of cake instead...

Actually I can take or leave traditional cake, it's things like cheesecake and pie that are my weakness. And I am sorry but fat free yogurt with "sticky date pudding" flavoring do NOT taste like sticky date pudding, they taste like watering flavorless yogurt!

There is some serious talent in these cakes though. I tried to make a ghost cake for my daughter last year and it was dismal. It was a cake covered with blue icing, then I had to role out a thin lay of royal icing which i cut two little eyes out of so the blue icing would be seen. Twice I tried and failed. The royal icing just split and crumbled. Probably the fact that I was suffering from morning sickness didn't help (well that is my story and I am sticking to it). Thank goodness I have a wonderful generous daughter who praised all my attempts and was thrilled with the outcome.

I'm going to the cheesecake this weekend!

Coconut cream pie - yum
The Anzac Tart... sticky oatmeal tart topped with a layer of coconut bavarian and Anzac 'streussel'.Salted Caramel & Vanilla Baked Cheesecake
frozen hot chocolate recipe
Coconut Crusted French Toast, this looks so yummy

 rose cake tutorial beautiful!

Monday, August 29, 2011

A New Boutique

I just came across this very cute online boutique full of ecowear fashion called Eco Fashionista.

Minna - Chantal tunic ::O+V+F:Minna - Sophie Top ::O+N+H::CIEL - Lemon Slip Dress

Sylvester - Lacey BlouseLoup Charmant - Touring Dress ::O+E+F::

Well worth a look!

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Muted Tones - Always Glam

These gorgeous pieces of jewellery from Drift Gifts are so stylish.

Lovely with..

Cute summer grey dress from Sophia Clothing

Or go for bright to go with the pale, from Country Road

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Holiday Time

Jets Prairie Boyleg One PieceFor the first time since we have had kids we are going on a proper holiday.... the kind where you can't cook and everything!

Yes, we are off to Daydream Island for seven days of sun, sand and surf.  We are staying at a hotel, so I can't even toast a slice of bread, which is the most exciting thing about the holiday for me!

We have had holidays since children came along, but it is either a long weekend at an apartment (so as you know mums, the cooking and cleaning continues) or a once a year we head up to Cairns to visit my gorgeous parents, but again the cooking and cleaning continues.

So when my husband said it was time for a "real" holiday (which to him, just quietly, was a week at Threadbo - he would have had a lovely time, whilst I stayed in a serviced apartment with our 4 month old and tried to persuade the 4 and 6 year old to wait until Dad came home for skiing before they tackle the snow) I put my foot down and said resort time!

So now for resort clothes.

Togs I am a little intimidated by at the moment.. however a need is a need.

I think the days of bikinis are over for me for the moment - at 35 with 3 kids I need to give myself a bit of a break, at least until number 3 is over 1.  So one piece it is.  Love these ones from Swimwear Galore
Speedo Vintage Tie Front One Piece

But is you still love a bikini, these are cute:

anna and boy

Sand in My Toes
Vix - Louise Square Bandeau Bikini

For The Girls.... These Ones are from Seafolly

And for the boys and men ... well lets face it as far as I am concerned it's board shorts or board shorts.

and lastly for the bag to lug everything around in ....

Dewberry Tote

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Monday, August 22, 2011

White Beds And Bedspreads

I saw this amazing bed - beautiful:

For some reason it looks like you could dive into it.

Yep, old fashioned and gorgeous.  White on white - nothing looks better.

The work in this bedspread is incredible.

White and cream together is just as classy.

The white curtains make this room so romantic

For the hotel look

Homey and beachy  - my favourite

Which is your favourite?

Jen and Row

The easy way to shop for gifts

iPhone Case - Fuchsia wool feltClutch by myoriginalsin - Blue and White SilkIf you are anything like me finding the time to buy and send gifts is impossible.

Wallet ApplesEssential Oil Soy Wax Candles in glassI am not a gift voucher type person.  I really like to think about the gifts I give.  I can't see the point in giving a gift just because you HAVE to.  To me gift giving is about making the receiver feel special and thought off so I love finding the right gift.

However with three kids getting to the shops and post office is impossible, so I now buy on line and have the gift sent directly to the receiver.  Although I pick and choose my stores carefully because I want the package gift wrapped and a card sent with it.
Aqua Flowers Phone Pouch
Dewberry ToteAt we will do this for you.  Just pick your gift and card, write your message in our "special instructions box" and we will do all the hard work for you.  Just make sure you give us at least 2 weeks to have our gorgeous designers make the products you pick and for us to send it off with plenty of time.

Over The Top Black and Ivory RingHappy Shopping

Jen and Row

What colour to paint?

I am in a quandary at the moment.

I have a "modern" house.  I do love my house but it is a basic 4 bedroom with study, with all the standard themes of the moment - the island bench, the open plan living.  Like I said I love it, but there is nothing really interesting about it.  This is good in a lot of way - I have a blank canvas to play with.

My problem is that the interior has been painted a very boring cream colour, actually it is more like a plaster board colour.  Plus all the trims and doors have been painted that colour.  I would love a really crisp white, (Gild and Grace have a great post with lots of white rooms at the moment)but that means I have to paint all the trims and doors white as well - double the work, or double the cost.  So I thought I might go a colour, then I can get away with leaving the trims for the moment.  I am thinking a very pale grey/blue or a very pale green.  What do you think??  I need advice....

Here are some great ideas, but not sure if I am bold enough to do the whole house:

Blue grey ...  Yellow is not for me, but I like the look.

This looks lovely and fresh, perfect against the white.

Love this, the pale green with the wooden feature looks very earthy.

Bright green - love it, it looks so fresh.

Again, a brighter blue but a different feel, very warm.

Hmm, I think looking at all these photos have made me love plain old white even more....


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awww, so Cute

My baby is 6 months old now, so I am kissing those beautiful sleepy new born days goodbye....

I will have to live through photos.

Here are some really cute photos.

And of course my baby.....

Nothing hand made here, except him of course :)