Friday, July 29, 2011

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts.

They are called my children and husband - all a bit nutty, but I love them.

However I do love coconut also.  YUM.

I love it so much that for my 8th birthday I asked my Grandma for a bag of shredded coconut - which I got.

Here are a few lovely coconut things:

A vase made from coconuts.


This beautiful chair is made from coconut twigs

But this is what I am salivating over 

Happy shopping (and cooking)

Jen and Row

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Did you say your Affirmation Today?

I love a good affirmation.

I  found this one just yesterday and I have vowed to say it to my kids every morning.

Ok so some of these are Affirmations, but just really great quotes.

This last one is amazing and should be hanging on my fridge for every time I rouse on my children to make me stop and think.

Jen and Row

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Everything is coming up Roses

I love Roses.  Yes, they are a little old fashioned and some would say a bit boring, but they are my choice of flower.  I think it is the scent and the memories it gives me.  My beautiful Dad was buy me for Xmas and birthdays every year a bottle of Yardleys Rose perfume.  I was only little so I didn't quite get how special that was, but I remember it fondly now.  I have asked my husband to create the same tradition with out daughter.  As you become a mum you realise that you are chief present buyer, so the fact that even though mum had all the presents organised, my dad (who is NOT a shopper) would find some time to pop down to the chemist to buy my bi-annual perfume was really sweet.

Hence my love of Roses.


Very Pretty Ring

Rose Bud Skirt

Or a gorgeous Cottage Rose Scarf

Share your fond childhood memories with us - we love your stories.

Jen and Row

Monday, July 25, 2011

Winter warmers

I (much to my waist line's dismay) love puddings.  I am sure so many people out there have the same story but warm winter puddings remind me of my beautiful grandmother.  Any time we had a family dinner with her which was at least once a week, she made a beautiful pudding for dessert.  Baked custard, apple crumble, apply pie,  YUM.  Not to mention all the delicious homemade biscuits she always had in her cupboard.

So when I was sitting down having a relax looking at my daily reads I got very sentimental when I read Ada and Darcy's latest post

So today's post is all about our Granny's and what makes us think of them.

My Gran always was seated with either her knitting or her crochet hook.
Love these little gems from Vaavoom.

She was always drinking tea out of a lovely teacup.

With the anzac biccies

Hmmmm, I miss her. 


Our Dress Winner

And the winner is ......

Sarah from Squeezed Daily.

 Squeezed Daily is a gorgeous blog about interior decorating and fashion.

Sarah has a lovely tropical sense of style and I love her quirk.

Don't forget to drop by and say hi.

Jen and Row

Friday, July 22, 2011

Green and White - so fresh

I love Green and White together.  In fact I look at our Pinterest Page and most of it is green or white.  Here are a few favourites:

Amazing Wallpaper.  A great wallpaper is art for your room.

Interesting - a Beehive Infuser Tea Cup

I love this room - all white with just a touch of green in the lamp.

Bed looks like a great place at the moment after a long week.

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Free Amy Butler Pattern

I love Amy Butler fabrics and patterns.  In fact I have one of her quilts on my spare bed however her products can be a bit expensive.  When it comes to the fabric it pays to buy quality material as cheap material stretches and fades.  It is the same for patterns - in most cases if you pay more you will get a better design and cut.

HOWEVER - Amy Butler has put a free pattern on her website for this beautiful Portfolio

In a further seach of all things Amy Butler I found she not only designs fabric but many more beautiful items like this amazing rug.

And Wallpaper



But as always it is her beautiful fabrics that keep me coming back for more

Happy Shopping (and sewing)

Jen and Row

Monday, July 18, 2011

Grey and Pink - back in vogue?

My 70 year old dad told me yesterday that the Pink and Grey colour combination was very fashionable.  This from a man (be a very sweet wonderful man) that spends his life in his fishing gear... God love him.

However I then came across this beautiful quote on Seven Cherubs Blog and what do you know - Pink and Grey.  Dad is a man ahead of his time. (By the way, you should visit Seven Cherubs Blog - Naomi has some wonderful and inspiring ideas on Happiness!)

So what can I find in Pink and Grey to change my mind:

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

A Wedding colour combination - very pretty.

Pink or Red? - it's on the list anyway.  From The Little Gem

Very Cute heels.

So - guess I was wrong.

Jen and Row

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kindle Cases

I have a just added the Amazon Kindle Application to my Mac and I love it.  It is fantastic to have any book I want at my finger tips.

However having to take my laptop to bed to read a book not the most comfortable way to read so I am in the market for a kindle.   We have just received these wonderful new Kindle covers on to keep them safe from scratches.  All handmade from Ambette.

Great for the guys

Navy is a great colour and will not show up the dirt.

Olive and Black

Lovely and Bright

Love Red

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row