Monday, February 28, 2011

New Fashion Trend

As I have mentioned soooo many times, I love the Burda Magazine.  I really love the European style they present.  Classic, classy and interesting.  One drawback for me personally though is that I seem to be drawn to the "larger fashion section" and being short and small and not an exceptional tailor, I cannot cut the patterns down to my size.  So I just have to drool.

A  fashion trend that I saw months ago in the Burda Magazine was a simple calf  length skirt gathered with elastic at the hemline.  The skirt had some flow to it so it would be extra comfortable as apposed to the confinement of a straight skirt, but still gives the illusion of a long line as the base is tapered in.  Love, love, love it.  This is probably one design I can alter, so once the sewing machine is out again, it will be my first project.

If you are not the sewing type I have seen a very similar design by Yarra Trail, although a little shorter (just above knee length).  Great with a plain t-shirt, a cute jacket and a pair of ballet flats.

Happy Shopping
Jen & Row

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I mentioned on twitter the other day that the bigger I got with my pregnancy the more jewellery I seemed to wear.  Once upon a time, I would wear big earrings, OR a big necklace, OR big bangles.  Now I do all three at once.  But it made me happy and feel a little glamorous in my highly unglamorous state, so I am going with it.

However I did find these chic little earrings being advertised in the Myers Emporium Magazine (Autumn 2011).  I love a drop earring, especially as my hair is quite short at the moment.  They are delicate and oh so pretty.

Probably a little more then I would normally spend, actually definitely more then I would normally spend, but a girl can drool.

Happy Shopping
Jen and Row

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The tooth fairy is running late!

Ok, so we all like to share stories about what a great mum we are when we have really outdone ourselves! But, what about the times when we have not quite 'cut the mustard'... My 6 yr old son lost his 5th tooth. So, of course, he put his tooth into our special little 'tooth fairy' bag and he excitedly popped it under his pillow that night.
My husband and I during the night said to each other that we musn't forget to find some change and of course, swap the tooth before going to bed. So, what happens... we forget! My son comes charging into my room the following morning all upset because his tooth was still there! My husband and I have looked at each other and given the look of 'oh crap!'. I quickly said, 'sometimes the tooth fairy comes later in the morning as she must be running late - busy night!'
So, while Mr 6 was watching cartoons, I was very quietly made sure the 'tooth fairy' arrived afterall! He was very excited when mid morning, he checked under his pillow again and found the money..

The sad part to this story is that this isn't the first time this has happened in my household. It may just have happened for tooth number 4 too! (I know, a shocker)... Only that time, I also had to raid his money box for coins as my purse was as bare as old mother hubbards cupboard.. I can only hope the tooth fairy has herself sorted in time for the 6th tooth! ha.

Better sign this one off as Row only (Jen doesn't do this kind of stuff!) ha

Nine West Stylish As Always

We can never seem to go past Nine West at Shimi.  A gorgeous, stylish brand that has a reputation for being extremely comfortable.  Again, as always, these designs are chic enough to wear in a corporate environment or just to a casual lunch or breakfast.

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Thursday, February 24, 2011

10% off Aromatherapy Skincare - last days!

I think you will all agree that when you find a skincare product you love, you stick to it! I have been personally using the Jewell range - (aromatherapy skincare) for about 3 years... I have seen a huge change to the overall appearance of my skin in that the tone is more even and my skin feels soft and moisturised.

So, here is some extra info on how to pick the right moisturiser for your skin type. The Essential Oils in the Jewell products have been carefully chosen because of their particular action on the skin. Read below for more info...

Balancing Moisturiser’ – suitable for Combination Skin – contains a Synergy Blend of Geranium, Palmarosa, Lavender, Sandalwood & Rosewood to settle excess production of sebum (which creates an oily skin)  while gently moisturising, therefore creating a balancing  and settling effect on the skin.

Nurturing Moisturiser’ suitable for Normal/Dry Skin – contains Lavender, Geranium, Palmarosa, Ylang ylang & Rose Otto and also has the addition of Organic Cocoa Butter which nourishes, softens & protects the skin.

Protecting Moisturiser’ suitable for Dry/Mature Skin – contains Frankincense, Neroli, Rose, Lavender, Rosewood & Carrot Infused Oil.  Frankincense essential oil helps prevent tissue degeneration, Rose essential oil has excellent emollient, softening and hydrating properties, Neroli essential oil is reputed to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin and the ability  to stimulate the growth of healthy new cells. It also contains Organic Shea Butter which protects the skin, improves its suppleness and elasticity and promotes skin healing.

If you need any help in choosing which is right, please Contact Us at Shimi, we are happy to help!

Jen and Row

Jen has had her baby!

Its with great excitment, that I announce on behalf of Jen (the other half of Shimi), that she had a gorgeous little baby BOY this morning! His name is Wilkie Noel.... 6pd 9 ounces. Both Jen and baby doing very well! I will leave Jen to provide pics etc when available..
But, for now.. a huge Congratulations to my longest and dearest friend on her new baby.. I was only saying to Jen a few days ago that its so lovely to watch our children grow and bring to the family their own special dynamic and love... Enjoy this special time Jen. xxxxx

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

525 America

I always love discovering a brand I haven't previously heard of, and today it is 525 America.

These cute pieces are very feminine and unique.

A block coloured dress is usually flattering on all figures as the one colour gives the illusion of height, which for most people is a plus.  However block colours can equate to boring.  With the fringe through the dress, the texture gives this dress the appeal it needs.

Similarly for the camisole.  A great white or cream top will always enhance the wardrobe, however it is nice to have something a little different - 525 America gives you that.

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Food Nazi Mum

I have turned into a food Nazi when it comes to my children...

It is not due to weight, as they are both skinny malinks.  It is all about nutrition and bad habits that I can see forming.

I struggle every morning to get my children to eat breakfast, and the rule in our house is no TV until both kids are ready to walk out the door for school (or just the day ahead in relation to my youngest).  So breakfast eaten, uniform on, shoes on, bed made (for the eldest), room tidy, teeth cleaned, hair brushed and bag packed.  I have put this rule in for a number of reason - first and foremost I got sick of nagging them to get ready in the morning, and secondly they are usually so slow moving that they only get 10 minutes of TV in before it is time to leave.  I prefer no TV in the morning, but it is just that little incentive to get them going, and for the 10 minutes they get to watch, it is worth it.

However back to the food issue.  After an hour and a half of nagging to have them eat breakfast with no luck, the minute the TV goes on they are suddenly hungry.  It is purely out of habit that they will both go and raid the pantry or fridge as soon as the TV goes on they must eat.  So we no longer have the TV on AT ALL if we are eating - so far so good.

We also put a child lock on the pantry, as if we ever left the kids in the TV room to watch a movie or show unsupervised, we would inevitable come into the room minutes later to find food packets strewn across the floor after a pantry raid while mum and dad are not looking.  So lock on (not soon enough as the day before I found my 6 year old had eaten half of 500gram packet of lollies that I had hidden but she had sneakily sniffed out).

Whilst I have no problem with the amount me children eat (I don't deny them, honestly), I have a a big problem with the habits that we have formed.  After suffering from an eating disorder for a good few years in my teenage life, I know that having a sensible eating plan and sensible eating habits are the key to a sensible diet.  I spent all my childhood watching my mother and sister embark on various radical diets, and although I didn't have a weight problem and of course I lay no blame on my family for my illness, I think witnessing this strange relationship with food that habitual dieters have aided in my eating issues.

I therefore am determined to make sure my children are exposed to a good and healthy diet with healthy eating habits from day one.  I am lucky I guess that I married a sporty man who thrives on exercise and I have always (on a lesser scale) exercised, so our children already know that exercise is part of daily life, but sometimes it is hard to present a balanced diet.  Especially when you have a chocoholic in the house (husband).

So whilst I feel a bit mean sometimes, it will be beneficial in the long run.

What house rules have you enforced that have made an immediate difference?


Monday, February 21, 2011

My first professional house clean.

OMG, for the first time in my life I am having my house cleaned by someone else today.....

It is a new experience for me, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet.  Yes, I am extremely happy not to be cleaning, but I feel slightly guilty.  Yes, I am paying them, so I shouldn't feel the least bit guilty, but I do.  I also feel guilty that I am not in there helping them out.  And I feel guilty that I am essentially a Stay-At-Home mum and really cleaning the house is part of my job description.  If I was out working - then there would be no questions, I would have the house cleaned weekly, but .... oh you know the story if you are a stay-at-home mum.  Money, guilty, spending, guilt, etc.

Anybody would think my husband is a money Nazi.  Not the case.  In fact when I was justifying getting a cleaner the other day (I am only 2 days off giving birth to number 3) I said I would only have a cleaning for the first 3 months after bubs was born, and only fortnightly, just to make life a little less stressful for a bit.  He promptly said "Once you get a cleaner, you are keeping a cleaner".  Who can argue with that.  I think it has something to do with the fact that he now pays someone to mow the lawn. Fair is fair I guess.

And besides, we both work very hard.  Him doing long hours at work and at home, and me trying to build up our gorgeous e-boutique, which was essentially started to help out with things like cleaning, groceries, and holidays.  When you work hard it is nice to have weekends free to spend time with the kids without the call of housework and yard work looming over you.   That's how we look at life anyway.

We haven't quite made the holiday yet, besides a few little trips to the Coast and to Cairns to see my family, but that is our aim this year.  A great holiday where we can enjoy each other and our kids without having to do anything.  That was going to be Dunk Island, but after cyclone Yasi, unfortunately not.  Oh well - maybe next year.


New Shoe Brand : Butter

These shoes we have discovered from Butter are very reminiscent of the 40's I think.  Very chic and stylish and just a bit retro.

Butter is the product of designers Nancy Geist and Lee Riech.    The designs are flirty and feminine from the perfect peep-toe pump to gorgeous flats.

The styles are very wearable and timeless so will take you from season to season with their style and amazing quality.

With Autumn just around the corner a cute pair of ballet flats are a must.  Put them with jeans or pants, a gorgeous skirt of dress, they will take you anywhere.

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Others caring for my kids.

Well, now that I know when my baby will be delivered (Thursday) and I am not constantly stressing over going into labour and having to consider who is going to look after my little darlings, I am feeling amazing.

It took a while for husband and mother to understand that I am not overly worried about looking after my new baby and two children after the birth.  I mean I have done it twice before and have been a full time mum for six years - I sort of know what I am doing (at least 50% of the time anyway).  What I was worried about was my two children not feeling comfortable.  I didn't want them staying at a friends place (no matter how beautiful my friends are, they have their own kids to consider and I want my kids to be the centre of attention when so much is changing in their life).  The only two people I am comfortable looking after my children for this particular event is my Mum - who is the quintessential Grandma.  You know, Rafferty's rules and LOTS of cuddles.  Or my husband's sister - who is the "Fun Aunt" - same deal really, lots of laughter and love.  I needed to know if my son wakes up having a night terror (which unfortunately is regularly) that he will have someone to cuddle him until he calms down.  If my daughter is sobbing in bed because she is worried about Mum (she is rather emotional my girl), she will have the right person to talk to her about it honestly and with love.

Bringing a baby home is enough of a change for them.  I don't want them feeling "not wanted" in the meantime.

So now mum has booked her flight, and all I have to do is hold on until tomorrow afternoon.

My fears of who to leave my children in the care of was justified yesterday.  My mother and father in law, who only see my kids about 5 times a year, yet only live an hour away (they are just to busy apparently) decided to visit.  My daughter is very confident and will talk the leg of a donkey.  My son on the other hand is very shy and takes a LONG time to warm up to most people.  I am talking having friends that visit weekly and only 12 months down the track will Mr 4 have a conversation with them.  But "Grandad" seems to think because he is a blood relation Mr 4 shouldn't need any warm up time, and pushes him to be a child he is not from the time he walks in the door till he leaves.  Needless to say, Mr 4 acts up and behaves badly because he is unsure of the situation and how to handle it.  Whilst this annoys me, I have tried to not be the over-protective mum, and let them sort it out themselves.  I don't take to kindly though when Grandad then smacks my son......

Mr 4 did hit Grandad, HOWEVER, he is 4 and Grandad is 74.  I don't like smacking at the best of times, but it is not the role of a Grandad to discipline MY child in this manner.  Very angry, especially as I found out after the visit and have not been able to address the issue with said In law.

The one time in the past 6 months I have left my children in the care of my father-in-law it was highly unsuccessful as well.  After a full day out, and numerous phone calls to check on the kidlets (to which the reply was "fine") we came home to a little boy with a roaring temperature.  Grandad said, that yes he had been really cranky all day so he just ignored him and eventually he fell asleep not once but twice on the couch.  Hmmmm, giving him a cuddle may have alerted you to how sick he was, seeings as though it was like cuddling a roast out of the oven.

Anyway, think I just needed to vent tonight.....

All is well again in the world now Mum is on her way, so stay put for 24 more hours baby!!!


Jeans Baby - Guest Blogger Carly Lloyd

Most women I know own a pair of jeans, and live in them. 
Like I am talking they are in love with their jeans, because they make them feel sexy, and whatnot.
Me, on the other hand, I have only owned three pairs of jeans in my lifetime. Two pairs I gave away and one still in my closet.
Jeans don't love me. And I don't love jeans. 
My arse gets saggy in them. Well, not my arse, but the arse in the jeans.
I never feel like I can breathe.
I would never consider sitting down for an extended period of time.
I manage to get the lovely "muffin top" happening.
Not to mention, even squeezing myself into them can be problematic.
Being twenty-three, and needing pants, besides you know leggings, I am wondering if I should go on the hunt for my perfect pair of jeans. However, I must admit I do like these pants. Sexy, no?
Should I? Shouldn't I?
Do you have any brands, or tips for me? 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

House Of Harlow - Nicole Ritchie Shoe Line

Love Nicole Ritchie's Style  -  well now you can wear the same footwear at a great price.  Her label (named after her Daughter Harlow) is a mixture of tribal-inspired moccasins, gorgeous pumps and original, unique sandals.  

You just have to follow Nicole's style to know that apart from a brief period in "The Simple Life" where her style was truly questionable, she has become a style icon.  Sandals added to a sleek or floaty dress, high high pumps with leggings or skinny jeans.  

There is a definite feel of the 1960's in some of House of Harlow's designs, with a contemporary twist.  This provides the urban sophistication that we are all after.  

This is one happy House of Harlow customers review: "This product is gorgeous! Shoes came fast and just as described. Heel height isn't too high and the shoe is actually pretty comfy for a heel (not that any heel is truly comfy!). Fits true to size and is snug on the foot unlike some heels that are caged like this and are loose. Great quality shoe, worth every penny even at full price!"

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Essential Oils alternative to using moth balls

Its been in the news lately, plenty of discussions around the dangers of  Moth Balls to children. So, why not use an alternative method to keeping the creepy-crawlies away! We asked our aromatherapist, Julie - who makes our beautiful skincare range - and she has provided the below very helpful information. I am definately going to use this in my home!

The Essential Oils that creepy-crawlies hate are –
Lavender, Citronella, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Cinnamon & Basil.

How to use:
  • Drip a couple of drops of Essential Oil onto a cotton ball and place in drawers or cupboards, refreshening every so often, or
  • you can also hang strips of ribbon in your cupboard with a drop of Essential Oil on it, (being careful not to get on clothes).
This is a great deterrent !  And has an added bonus of smelling beautiful for us.


One for the Ladies

Very Funny

Jen and Row

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Beach or Pool?

We recently decided to take the plunge and get a quote to put a pool in.  It has been such a hot summer in Queensland this year that it seemed the sensible thing to do.  Also we have two small children that LOVE the water, and from my experience there is a window of about 8-10 years that kids live in a pool before they turn into teenagers and hibernate in their rooms.  Then there are all the other reason, like increasing resale value on the house, etc.  However as it is with a lot of properties these days, we would be sacrificing our back yard for the pool.  For 5 months of the year, this wouldn't be a problem but for a family with kids who also LOVE kicking a ball around the yard and jumping on a trampoline, it really is a sacrifice.

However we went ahead and got a quote : $45,000.....  We soon learned to love our backyard as it is.   And we have been learning to love our natural environment much more then we used to.

So whilst we can't walk out the backdoor into our own pool, we can jump in the car and drive 10 minutes down to the beach or local rock pool and have just as much fun.  Whilst the water might not be a crystal clear as a pool, we can roam around the beach at low tide finding hermit crabs.  The kids can jump in sand puddles, explore and get grubby.  The latest thing we have discovered is the skimming board.  It took a while to convince Miss 6 and Mr 4 that it would be fun, but now they are on it we can't get them off.  Thankfully I am hugely pregnant so it is "Dads" job to run up and down the beach pulling them on the skimmer board.  Great workout.

Happy Summer


Friday, February 18, 2011

Beauty Regime - what is your routine?

So we are interested in what your beauty routine is.  Is it a bit like me, cleanse, tone and slap on a bit of moisturiser, or do you have a million products that each have a specific use?

Do you use a natural product or do you use a product marketed to your needs?

Does scent make a difference to you?

Does packaging mean anything to you?

We ask this because both Rowena and I love the product we sell called Jewell, which is a natural aromatherapy product and we are interested in your views on the nature of this product.  We have both had excellent results from using Jewell, but that is not to say it meets all our needs.

Me for example, I cannot use the cleanser as a cream cleanser is to heavy for my skin, however my mum on the other hand uses it religiously.  I on the other hand use a generic cleanser from the chemist although when I have a little spare case, I do love the Clinic Cleanser.   Scent makes a big difference to me.  I love flowery scents so Jewell suits me down to the t, but does it provide the best for my skin?  I'm not sure, but it makes me happy, and that is the main think.

We would love to hear your thoughts.

Jen and Row

New at Shimi

We have just added this lovely cool dress to Shimi.  What do you think?  It is a little indie, a little free-spirit, but we love it.

So comfortable, I will be looking forward to slipping into my own once babe decides to enter the world and I can wear "normal" clothes again.

What are your thoughts - would you wear this?

Jen and Row

Trina Turk ..... again

Now I have discovered Trina Turk I am a little bit obsessed.  The gorgeous colours and prints she uses really appeal to me, but I have just found this plain white dress.

I love a great white dress in summer especially.  Usually when you have a little colour from the summer days, white always looks fresh and clean and cool.  This is a dress that I have been dreaming about for years and years.  I recently (pre huge pregnancy belly) found a similar dress in Myers, which I tried on as I was looking for a nice dress to wear to a friends bridal shower.  I gasped when I spotted the dress, but the try on was exceptionally disappointing.  It looked like a nightie on me.  This was because only the sleeves were lace and the rest of the dress was plain white.  It does sound lovely, and believe me, I am a less is more girl, but with this dress it was less is boring.

The difference with this Trina Turk dress is in the detail.  Whilst plain white is lovely, it can be a tad boring, so different textures, be it lace or otherwise, really are the star of this design.

Jen and Row

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Will the courts strip Miss San Antonio's crown for alleged "gasp" weight gain?

My brother sent me this disturbing piece of news.  Courts are currently deciding whether to strip Miss San Antonia of her Beauty Queen crown for allegedly putting on weight.  I think you can see by the picture in this link that she is still a lovely size whether or not she has put on weight from her crowning weight of 58 kilos or not.

Is this the sort of message we really want to send our teenage girls??


Jen and Row

Advent Breast Pump Review

I am one of the lucky ones when it comes to breast feeding.  With my last two children I had a couple of weeks of trouble with my children latching on to my breast, but as far as milk supply goes, I could feed every baby in the hospital.  Even when the need arose to express I could manage just fine with a hand held pump, however I have many many friends that have not had the same experience.
These beautiful women have tried and persevered with breast feeding.  They have breast feed, then expressed, then breast feed, then expressed, etc, etc just to try to get their milk supply up.  In some cases it worked, in some cases it didn’t, however when it did work the introduction of an electronic breast pump made all the difference.
The Phillip Advent BPA Free ISIS iQ Due Twin Electric Breast Pump is one product that for a mum who has to express, or chooses to express, or is having trouble increases their milk supply and would benefit from expressing milk in order to build up the supply, this product would be invaluable.  It combines all the features to help improve milk supply, and even has an electronic memory that learns your personal pumping rhythm for precise control.  
This product has a let down massage cushion that will stimulate the area around the breast.  This mimics the babies sucking and allows the breast to be stimulated whilst gently vacuuming the milk that promotes a steady milk flow.
Busy Mum?  This product will pump milk faster then a hand held pump, which in our busy life, be you a working mum or a stay at home mum (we are all busy beyond belief) makes life just that little less hectic.  However I must admit I have always found that my milk flowed more easily when I relaxed, so when you do express and/or feed, set yourself up in front of your favourite TV show or grab a great book and let yourself relax for the small amount of time that the Phillip Advent Breast Pump will take to express milk.  You can even personalise the Advent Breast Pump to your specific preferences, and it has an electronic memory system so at the push of a button the Phillip Advent Breast Pump will recall these preferences.  However if you want even more speed, as the name suggests, the Phillip Advent Twin Breast Pump has a second pump you can attach so you can do a single or double pump.  The second pump will mimic the speed and suction of the first and it is the only pump on the market that will maintain the same suction and speed on both sides.
The Twin Electronic Breast Pump has the ability to gently massage the breast which stimulates more milk production.  It does this with massage cushions that flex in and out and mimic the baby’s natural sucking action.  This also makes the pumping more comfortable.  Also the Twin Electronic Breast Pump can be used with the massage cushions for faster let down.
When you start pumping, especially if you start when your baby is a new born, you will feel like all you do is express milk and feel bub.  You will feel like a cow, trust me, been there done that twice now and am gearing up for a third time.  If you are producing a good amount of milk it will be a relief anytime you express, but if you are struggling with milk production it can be very frustrating.  One thing that will make life a little easier is the Electronic Memory that the Twin Electronic Breast Pump has as comfort in this situation is essential.  The breast pump’s speed, vacuum and rhythm setting can be adjusted to numerous combinations and with the touch of a button your Advent Breast Pump will remember this combination.

Four bottle stand/funnel covers
Two sealable 4 ounce breast milk containers
Two extra soft newborn Flow Nipples
Two Piece Nipple Travel Pack
Four Cool Packs
Two Thinsulate Carriers
Microfiber Travel Bag
Two sealing discs
Spare Parts
Instruction Guide
Important Features:
This product weights about 9.4 pounds and however can only be shipped within the US at the moment.
All components of the Phillip Advent Electronic Breast Pump are BPA Free
The Advent Breast Pump has a one year warranty
The average customer review on amazon is a 4 out of 5 (when being reviewed by 61 customers).  One happy customer had this to say:
I have now been using this pump every day for two months. So far so good, I have not had one day of problems with this pump. I keep all the wiring and tubes attached to it and zipped up so that when I need to use it, I only need to attach the pump assembly. My supply is great now and since my baby has started cereal I find it great that I can give him cereal with breast milk instead of formula or water. The parts are all as good as new with every day washing and sterilization.”
With motherhood such a life changing experience the easier you can make life and the kinder you can be to yourself the better.  Breast feeding is not an easy task and it can take most women 2-3 months to comfortably breast feed  Mother’s guilt kicks in and makes the whole process a nightmare.  If you experience milk production problems a good breast pump can make a difference, although always seek medical assistance as there are many other things that may help you along this road.
Alternatively you might just want or need the convenience of being able to express milk so others can feed you precious bundle.  I am at the moment gearing up to give birth to my third child.  With a 6 year old and a 4 year old, I am constantly trying to think of ways to make the transition of a new born baby in the house easier for them.  One thing that I think will help my two children feel a little closer to their new sibling is to be able to bottle feed him.  Along with this, life it much busier for me now then when I had my first and second and they were babies at home with me all day.  Now I have school runs, committee meetings, school errands, etc.  And on top of that fabulous friends that I would like to have the ability to still have the occasional outing with, without a newborn by my side.  A little freedom is always good for the soul.  Being able to express milk gives me this little slice of freedom.
This is an exceptional product, I hope it helps you.

Jen and Row

Kensie Fashion

I always get to the end of February and wish for cooler weather.  I even start packing away my summer clothing in the hope that it will entice Mother Nature to bring on the cool a little earlier.  Stupid really, but I get bored of dressing for the same season for so long.

I really do love cooler weather clothing as well.  Love a great pair of jeans or cargos, a simple but interesting t-shirt or singlet and a great cardigan.  Actually I LOVE cardigans, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  As of a couple of years ago, I had a stupid amount of cardigans and made a vow not to buy anymore  (for a while at least).  I followed through amazingly, and now due to kids pulling on them and general wear and tear, I am down to about two cardigans.

Sad about this?  Absolutely not.  Now I have the perfect excuse to introduce a few new pieces into my wardrobe.  First on my list will be this gorgeous versatile cardigan from Kensie.  This is a great casual cardigan - great with jeans.

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

How do you protect your child from a bully?

As my child enters Grade 1 I never expected to be dealing with a bully.  But unfortunately this is not the first time, as Prep was no picnic either in this respect.

My beautiful little girl is intelligent, articulate and very confident.  She makes friends with everyone and takes anyone slightly disadvantaged under her wing.  So when the bullying started last year I was shocked to say the least.  Let me first disclose that I am over-protective, so whilst I wanted to march straight up to the teacher and demand to know why this behaviour was going on, I didn't.  I assessed the situation and came to the conclusion that it was reasonably harmless, just little girls asserting some authority, and it would be a great lesson for my daughter in dealing with this sort of behaviour.  So whilst we did have quite a few traumatic weeks, my husband and I tried to teach our daughter that bully's are best ignored and they will soon get tired of bullying someone who shows them no attention.  We also reiterated that these kids are not kids that she "needed" to be friends with no matter how much they undermined her confidence to get her attention.  It worked.  Instead of fighting back, so to speak, our girl ignored all comments and found new friends to play with.  Her little world regained stability and the rest of the year was great.

Grade 1, and into week three we have already had an incident.  Our girl's best friend drew her a lovely picture, to which some other little person promptly and without our girl's knowledge scrawled "I HATE YOU" on the back of the picture.  G has not been exposed to the word Hate and actually had no idea what it said, however at the moment she discovered this writing on the back of her precious picture, so did the teacher.  The picture was promptly ripped up by the teacher with the remark "We don't use those words in this class room".  Fantastic on the teacher stance of this sort of language.  However I am not sure the message quite got across in the classroom.  For one thing my daughter was very upset that she had lost her picture and secondly she was under the impression that the teacher though she had written the awful sentence.  A little explanation to G would have been nice, and perhaps a talk to the whole class about the behaviour being unacceptable.

I don't know..... what is the right way to handle these situations?  Teacher have such a hard job already, maybe this was the right way for the situation to be handled, maybe not.  I guess all I can do it try our methods and if they don't work, try something else.

We would love to hear your experiences and how you handled a bullying situation.  Any ideas are helpful.

Jen & Row

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eva Franco : Gorgeous Casual Wear

New to Shimi is Eva Franco.  The designs are lovely and casual and would be constant staples in your wardrobe, with the ability to mix with most casual items : jeans, cargos, t-shirts, etc.

I have a thing for stripes.  I think they always look very classy and stylish, so I love these t-shirts.

In the summer time, shorts are a must, and the most comfortable of all shorts are those with a bit of a flair in the leg - cool and comfortable.  These denim shorts are fabulous.

This last little dress actually reminds me of a dress my friend bought for her 4 year old.  Should I be embarrassed to say that I often look at little girls dresses and thing they would be just as nice in a woman's dress.  Well I have found it with this one.

Happy Shopping

Jen & Row