Monday, October 31, 2011

Who's In?

So I have lost my craft mojo.  It has been missing in action for about the last 10 months.  Time to get it back.

I came across this:

Handmade gifts

So I am setting myself a challenge.  To complete all 101 Simple Handmade Gifts within the next year.

Who's In???

Join me every few days in complete this tutorials.  They all look pretty simple, hence the title "101 Simple Handmade Gifts" and for those of you with kids who are already shaking in the boots with the thought of what to do on the Xmas holidays - here is your answer.

The first is  Chalkboard Necklaces.  Very cute and a great little present for my daughters school friends.

chalkboard necklace diy - finished!

chalkboard necklace diy - finished & modeled

So if you are joining in lets get this baby done by the weekend (5th November) - email me your photos of the finished product ( and we will display your works of art on Beautiful Creations.

Yah, how exciting.

Jen and Row

Gorgeous Hand Made Things

Just a quick post with lots of lovely hand made things:

Handmade earrings

Love the colour




Cute cushion

Create Your Own Lace Pottery

Hand made pottery

And now for a bit more jewellery


Handmade necklaces

cute bracelets made by hand on your hand!

Handmade bracelets

Hope you get the chance to make some of these things.

Jen and Row

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nail Colour

I have a tormented relationship with my nails.  I do not care for them one iota, but I love beautiful looking nails.

I have tried the fake nails and on me they look, well fake.  And I never get the refilled so eventually they just look like fake nails that are about to fall off.

I love a bit of colour on my nails but my pet hate is chipped nail polish and unless you go the fake route, nail polish will be chipped within approximately 2.5 hours, maybe 3.2 hours if you don't have kids.

There are some great colours and styles out at the moment, my personal favourite is nude with peach tips.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

If I were to marry a colour ....

Pinned Image

Nude, always super stylish

Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Love, love, love

Happy Shopping
Jen and Row

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Oh Wells" in life

I love this quote.Pinned Image

After nearly 4 years of Shimi we are just about at breaking point.  We love our little store and we love that we support Australian designers some of who work with recycled fabrics and all of who do all the work themselves - so no "child labour".

But, as was discussed with friends just the other day, we all want to support these industries but the reality is that we support these industries when it is financial viable, and most people will buy the cheaper product and chose to ignore how it was made, or what it was made from.  This is not an insult, it is just reality and I am guilty of it.

It's life.

For example right now I really want to believe that I would enjoy watching Q&A, but the reality is I am much more at peace staring numbly at The Big Bang Theory.

So yes, we (Shimi) are not the financially viable business we were hoping for but it is an "Oh Well", and not a "What If".  It would be the easier option to give up, but we believe in our little business and we believe in the business's we support so we will prevail and keep on even if it is always "oh well".

What I would love to hear though is some success stories.  I love hearing about Mum's in particular who have given it a go and made something of their dream.  Inspirational.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY Canvasses

This is a really simple and gorgeous idea.

If you are not blessed as an artist this is the project for you.  Find some lovely doilies (opshops are great for this), glue them to a canvas and paint white.  Done.

Again, easy, all you need is wax crayons and a hair dryer.

Very cute for a nursery

My kids have had such fun doing these type of paintings.  Just head down to your hardware store and buy some masking tape for painting.  Then stick it on your canvas in whatever design you like and paint away.  

Happy Arting

Jen and Row.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Vodka is just awesome water.

This quote has tickled me today!

Gone are the days that I head out to a bar to drink Vodka Cocktails, but I am very lucky and my gorgeous parents are moving to my neck of the woods, so we (husband and I) may just be able to have the occasional night out drinking a cheeky cocktail and dressing up.  Yah.

Vanilla Bean Vodka Cocktail - Yum

Now all a girl needs is a dress

Don't forget to check out our fascinators for race season!!

White fascinator headband

Blue Pearl Vintage Flower Comb

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DIY Painting a Rug

I had a spending spree this week at my gorgeous friend Sarah (From Squeezed Daily) house.  She is making a sea change (literally) and going to live on a boat so I got to raid her furniture and let me tell you, she has amazing style.

First on the list for me was a new rug.  Of course Sarah had something perfect.  For the past winter I have been using a very crappy old rug from Aldi that has had years of kids mushing chocolate cake and playdoh into it.   So I want to DIY revamp it.   I have found a few ideas....  (But would love some more - send them through if you have any).

This should keep me going.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kids Can Be Trying

I had a moment this weekend, not a good moment either.  I needed this shoved in my face!

My five year old was hidious this weekend.  Screaming, throwing things and oh so very rude.


Most mums know that when there kids are acting out like this is because they really do need lots of love, but it can be so hard.

I love my kids with all I have, but sometimes it is a bit hard to like them.

But that is very fleeting.  They can be screaming at me but as soon as they smile that is it for me - they hook me in.

Here are some cute pics on "naughtiness".

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Can think of a few people that would need to tick Naughty.

Happy shopping

Jen and Row

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Diamonds - girls best friend?

Hmmm, I fear I have not got real diamonds in my "real diamond ring".

I am not a great jewellery fan.  I wear my wedding and engagement ring and on the other hand a beautiful daisy diamond ring that I have been drooling over for the past 15 years.  I change my earrings every few days and I wear a couple of gold bracelets when I go out.  Pretty fuss free.  But I know what I like.

I am also happy with replica jewellery.  Ever heard of secrets - it is the store that sells I guess imitation diamonds, so much less expensive then diamonds.  About two years ago I found my ring in Secrets.  I told my husband and low and behold a few months later I had my ring (it had been 10 years of me searching for it, so he was well warned).  However he did not buy from Secrets, he had it made specifically for me with real diamonds....

However I have a chipped diamond ... I didn't think you could chip diamonds unless with another diamond, and I can tell you I haven't been bashing my hand up again any rough diamonds lately.

Think I need to go to the jewellers.

In the meantime hear are some beautiful rings to drool over.
Pink Diamond Ring

diamond opal ring
Opals and diamonds...

diamond & chalcedony ring
Diamond and Chalcedony ring. So pretty.

Morganite and diamond ring
Morganite and diamond ring.

I will take any of these thank you.