Sunday, February 12, 2012

Delicious Children's Prints

I have made a decision that this year is the year that I am going to do all the things that I have been "meaning" to do for the past 4 years.  First on the list is re-painting the WHOLE house which I think will tick of most of the months, so actually all I am doing this year is painting.  (Not that I have a house SO huge that it will take me 365 days to paint, I just have three kids that will put a stop to painting more the 2 hours a week).

So two kids rooms down, both painted, one completed decoration, which to be fair was not a huge job.  One trip to Ikea, a couple of prints, picture frames, pot plant holders and a plant bought and that room was done.  Same for the babies room, painting done, just prints to put up and plants to buy.

Which leads me to my title - Delicious Children's Prints.  I have found the loveliest online store which I am destined to spend way to much money at.  Here are my first purchases....


Customized world map - you just supply your child's name, e.g. William's World

whale baby print on wood by petit collage

And this gorgeous little print on wood veneer.

If you are re-decorating your kids room be sure to check out Mini Mecca.



  1. I have great admiration for you being able to get those two rooms done - my kids are grown and I still am working on the master bathroom after 6 months of remodeling efforts! LOL I can't blame my slowness on the children any more!

    Love the prints!

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