Thursday, December 31, 2009

Recyle, Recycle, Recylce

After a really wonderful Christmas and nice new year (no we did not see in 2010, and were happily asleep in our comfy beds) it is back to work. With a new enthusiasm Shimi will be back this year, focusing mainly on our organics range, and all things good for the earth.

Unfortunately it is still quite costly to buy organic in any form, although we will be stocking our lovely and comforting organic range in both t-shirts and t-towels, we believe it is time to think outside the box. These thoughts took me back to my student years where the small amount of money I had was not sufficient to buy lovely NEW clothing, so I spent my free time trawling though op-shops. But 15 years ago when I was buying op-shop clothing, the stores were full of rare finds from the 70's and 80's and the price tag was never more then a few dollars. Now op-shops are predominately one brand - "Millers" and the price tags are in the double figures now for anything with a brand on it and/or any type of style.

I must admit, due to my figure (short, small with bum, hips and boobs) I have never had a whole lot of luck finding things off the rack that fit me perfectly - so with my op-shop finds back in the 90's - I spent a lot of time altering. It was a bit of fun, and I got myself an original outfit. Then "real-life" set in and I went to work in a corporate environment where it was all about the suits, and I lost that fun individual style. But it is time to bring it back.

Keep a look out for our new offerings at shimi. Not only will we have the style of 2009 but we will be recycling the old and tying in with the new. And we hope in the meantime doing our little bit by reducing our carbon footprint !!!!!!!!!!

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