Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Envelope Clutch by Rabbit & The Duck

There is something about a women sitting down to a table at a chic cafe, looking terribly polished and calm and placing her gorgeous clutch on the table, that reeks sophistication. I love it.

Whilst I personally will probably never look terribly polished and calm, not while I have two children under 5 and a business anyway, I can aspire. The simply addition of an accessory can pull a look together, even if in your head the "look" is totally scrambled. Enter Clutch!!

These beautiful Rabbit & The Duck Envelope Clutches will do the job. They are super stylish but still very casual (if you choose it to be), and would look incredible with a great pair of jeans, and cute shirt.

Available in 4 different fabrics, the natural look of these bags will take you anywhere.

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