Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mobile Phone Pouches

We have just received these cute Mobile Phone Pouches from Rabbit and The Duck. Fashionable and cute with that organic feel, these are not only a great accessory but they will protect your phone as well (as long as you don't drop it in water - not much we can do about that!)

I sadly lost my old Samsung phone recently when I took my kids to the park and filled my bag up with the normal - crackers, sunburn cream, water bottles, my phone, a bit of money and hats. Of course I had to take the dodgy water bottles (you know, the kind that are in the throw out bin at the $2 shop) where the lids never fit quite right and.... yes, water all over the phone. Therefore a phone that no longer works.

So I was without a phone for 4 WHOLE DAYS - how did I cope.... Actually it was quite nice not to be accessible at all times. Oh well, now I have my new IPhone that I love I am back to being contactable at all hours. No rest for the wicked.

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