Thursday, June 24, 2010

Girls Weekend Away

A group of girlfriends and I are planning a Girls Weekend Away, complete with cooking classes, dinner out, movies and the best of all - no interruptions from husbands and children (as much as we love them to bits). After numerous discussion we agreed that our husbands can more then handle two full days and a night with the children without world war three breaking out.

It was agreed! No sooner had we agreed then I had to reconsider my decision. I had to work last night, and low and behold came home to sobbing children and a husband pulling his hair out. My kids had refused to go to bed until I had come home from work (10pm) and my husband, knowing how fragile they are after a late night, was desperately trying to persuade them to sleep.

In the end I cuddles them for 10 minutes and they were out like a light. Just before my daughter fell asleep she told me she had written something special in her scrapbook. It was an "I love you list" with Mummy, Daddy and Brother on it - with Daddy crossed out.

My husband was quite upset about this scratching from the "I love you list". He confronted my daughter about it that morning asking if he was still off the list, to which my daughter answered "Yes". My husband crumbled and said very meekly "How do I get back on". He is not wrapped around her finger at all!!!!

Anyway, I am still really looking foward to my night away. A few new purchases need to be made though - new clutch and pjs. Don't forget Shimi has 10% of (code : FBCUST) and if you make a purchase in June or July you go into the draw to win a fabulous Myoriginalsin Clutch.

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