Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spring Apples

Rabbit and The Duck have just added some gorgeous new products to their line that embody spring. Bright and cheerful and so useful.

I recently bought a wallet from Rabbit and The Duck ( )for myself and one for my daughter who is 6. My daughter uses hers to store all sorts of interesting things, secret agent devices, lollies, and most recently......... sand. Luckily they are washable to no harm done.

I bought mine for the specific purpose of a key and keycard wallet for those trips to the park where you don't need money, but maybe you will, and I detest having to carry my handbag everywhere. Although within about a week of receiving the wallet from Rabbit and The Duck, I lost my camera case, and it now has a new purpose of holding and protecting my camera, and so much more stylish then the old black case!!

Next on my list is a new Rabbit and The Duck Clutch!! For more designs to

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