Monday, September 5, 2011

I love pale pink.  It is not a colour that suits be, but I continue to wear it anyway.

This nailpolish is super stylish.  With the chic look of pale pink, but a little zing with the glitter.  Love It.

Porcelain Platter Bowls Set of Three in White and Pale Pink

Suit One Studio .  Beautiful and vintage looking.  Imagine these bowls filled with strawberry and cream mess.  Sprinkle with a few mint leaves.....

pale pale pink and lovely YUM.  so pretty.

Pink Cupcakes

pale pink So pretty again, not doable in this kitchen though.

More cakes

pale pink :)

Beautiful flowers, I have never seen blooms so full.

I love this relaxed fitting outfit, so fresh.

Pink Front Door Design

What a welcome to this house...

To sit in this gorgeous comfy living room.

Or this one, either would be fine.

So serene

Happy shopping

Jen and Row

1 comment:

  1. I have some of those bowls and plates, mine are in duck egg blue though.
    Those cakes look good, I'm starving right now!
    Sar x