Sunday, November 6, 2011

Work Wear - The forgotten

I used to work in an office and whilst I wasn't too keen on my job I loved dressing "corporate" and looking good.  I can't compete with the "funky bunch" but I can wear  a suit well.  Many of my friends can walk into an op shop or a super expensive boutique and look amazing but I tend to look like someone wearing an old dress I bought from an op shop or someone who has spent way to much money on an outfit simply because of the brand name.

Actually I had a friend that used to work in a very funky shop in The Valley in Brisbane.  She would kindly tell me when the sales were on and I would venture in there.  I never bought much but it was an eye opener to see the other customers.  There was always a few women in there who obviously had lots of money and used to buy and through EVERYTHING on simply because of the brand.

Anyway... I miss the days when I used to dress up daily to go to work.  Now I work in shorts and t-shirts and whilst I am very comfortable and wouldn't change it for the world I wouldn't mind if I could dress up once and a while.

Here are a few very cute outfits.

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Love a cardi

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From Asos

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Love wide leg pants

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Orange is become my new fav colour

Girls got to have a great bag for work though :

Dandelion Duffel

Dandelion Duffle

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

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  1. Gorgeous choices, love that second look especially :)

    Abbey x