Monday, October 31, 2011

Who's In?

So I have lost my craft mojo.  It has been missing in action for about the last 10 months.  Time to get it back.

I came across this:

Handmade gifts

So I am setting myself a challenge.  To complete all 101 Simple Handmade Gifts within the next year.

Who's In???

Join me every few days in complete this tutorials.  They all look pretty simple, hence the title "101 Simple Handmade Gifts" and for those of you with kids who are already shaking in the boots with the thought of what to do on the Xmas holidays - here is your answer.

The first is  Chalkboard Necklaces.  Very cute and a great little present for my daughters school friends.

chalkboard necklace diy - finished!

chalkboard necklace diy - finished & modeled

So if you are joining in lets get this baby done by the weekend (5th November) - email me your photos of the finished product ( and we will display your works of art on Beautiful Creations.

Yah, how exciting.

Jen and Row

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