Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stylish and Pregnant!

It is very hard to maintain that styled look when pregnant, especially in the later stages. It seems to be something that taller women can manage quite well, but those of us who are short, don't have the same luck most of the time.

The best thing to do when pregnant is stick to the classic colours - black, white, natural, navy and red. It can get a bit boring, but that is when accessorising comes into it. White pants are versatile and stylish and go with almost everything. Pop them on with a plain black or white top and some great beads and you are good to go. These are from designer Bellicious - available at (more colours available).

However the poncho is fast becoming a pregnancy favourite. Not only because is falls nicely over the pregnancy bump, and can add some colour to a neutral palate, but it is great for breastfeeding after the babe is born. Light enough to slip baby under to feed, but still give mum some privacy. This great poncho is so much fun, also available at

But as mentioned, shoes and accessories will make or break an outfit. Flat shoes are a must when pregnant, so try a lovely pair of ballet flats. I love these silver flats, with just a hint of a heel for that feminine look. Available at Sanna Shoes

Last but not least a great bag - our beautiful Bo Belle products are hard to go past. Available at Shimi.... very soon.

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