Sunday, February 21, 2010


I had the good fortune to have a weekend away sans kids and husband, with two very special friends at a beautiful 5 star resort on the weekend.

We made the most of it and went early Saturday morning, spent the morning shopping, lunch out, more shopping, resort, swim, bar, dinner, etc. All without having to take a little person to the toilet, which was my last experience with dining out. Not once did my friend and I have to interrupt our lunch to take one of the kids to the bathroom, but six times between the two of us. Not that we expected to go out and have our kids abnormally sit beside us and not utter a work, but six bathroom breaks was pushing it slightly. When you have got to got, you've got to go I guess.

That made us all appreciate our mini break even more I think. Shopping was even a little different to us, but I think that is a holiday thing. I make very different purchasing when on holidays to what I would normally buy. Normal shopping seems to be very practical and sensible when you have kids, but the minute I am on holidays I start looking at the gorgeous flowing Maxi's and the super high heel shoes. And I am pleased to say I invested in both (and for a nearly 60% of each - shopping is great, but when you get a bargain, is there anything better).

It did get me thinking, why don't I live like this normally. Obviously I wouldn't break my neck wearing heels to the playground, but why not through on a great maxi dress - they are certainly the cooler option in summer. Love a maxi!! Here are a couple of favourites:

This is a great little number for those of us who like to cover up the tops of our arms, from Mimosa

These numbers are so easy to wear and cover a multitude of sins. When autumn comes, pop on a cardigan, and you've got it for another season.
Happy shopping.

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