Monday, February 8, 2010


Arghhh, I am sick with anxiety about schools. My eldest has started Prep this year, and although I thought I was prepared for the anxiety that goes with sending my first born off to school, if is far worse then I expected.

Not only am I and my son missing her like crazy, she is not enjoying school at all. Which is a surprise because the holidays were all about, "When can I go to school Mum". It is probably the biggest change our little ones will have...... ever, but that is not comforting when you leave them in there class room sobbing.

The problem for my little one is that now she is at school, there is more structure, and she being very much like me, does not do well in overly structured environments. Be it nature or nurture, she likes to focus on the activity of HER choice, and this is usually craft. So at the moment, school is "boring" and they don't do enough "craft", so the tears flow readily. I guess I will have to step up and have craft organised for her to do every afternoon, so she doesn't leave behind that great artistic flair she has evolved.

Also, considering which school our kids will go to is such a hard task. When I was young there was one, maybe two schools to choose between, so really there was no choice. I now have about 10 schools to choose from, but which is best. And of course, enrolments for good high schools seems to start at birth.

Who know it would be this hard???

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