Friday, January 8, 2010


What a week it has been. Busy, busy, busy catching up on everything I hadn't done over the Christmas break. Of course with one extra child home (the husband) the house is generally messier then ever and I usually get to a point after a few days that I give up on keeping a clean and tidy house, and just agree with myself to have a couple of big days housekeeping after husband returns to work. It actually works really well for us, as we end up having a stress free, relaxing holiday together.

However today was the day we decided to get stuck into the garden. As usual we choose to do these things at the most inappropriate time - like the middle of summer. So today we planted 45 Agapanthas and 9 other various plants. I can now say I will never make it in a career in gardening. I do love gardening, but not 5 hours of hard labour in the sun.....

The upside to this is that we didn't pay a cent for our plants. The 45 plus Agapanthas we have (we still have more to plant) were the result of an initial 8 that we bought and planted 6 years ago. Over that time they have multiplied over and over again. Not only do they always look green and healthy, they produce beautiful lavender and white flowers that last weeks and weeks. They are by far my favourite plant.

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