Friday, January 8, 2010

Make it your own

A few months back I was flicking through a home magazine and came across the loveliest painting for a little girls room. However it wasn't on canvas, it had been painted straight onto the wall, and the finished product looked beautiful. So, it went on my list of things "to do" for my little girl.

Whilst I am not to bad at fabric art, paint brushes and me are not the best of friends. I can slap some paint on a canvas and do a not to bad abstract sort of image, but that is about it. It kills me as I have a raging aspiration to paint beautifully, oh well....

So the next step was to think outside the square and come up with a way to portray they image in my head in another medium then paint. Fabric was obviously my first choice, embroidering the images on. I did start, and then stopped when I realised it would take me 6 months in between my various other projects to finish it, and I wanted it on the wall NOW.

So I ended up painting a piece of Ply Board (much cheaper then canvas) and glued fabric pieces onto the painted board. I used string for the tree and birds legs and then gave it to coats of varnish to bring out a shine. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I have a contemporary piece of children's art that was such a pleasure to do.

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  1. Well done for thinking outside the box! am a hopeless painter and never seem to be totally happy with my finished product so I rarely whip out the brush. Like you I am much happier fiddling around with fabric. Bet your daughter loves her new artwork.
    Clare x