Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Hills

Unfortunately I recently discovered "The Hills". I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but when I am sewing I like some background noise to keep me company. With husband away I was going to take full advantage and as soon as the kids were in bed - sew to my hearts content. So, flicking through sites to find something to download (I was hoping for Private Practice - no such luck) I found The Hills and thought that will do.

The Hills - it is the ultimate gossip show, filled with people you love to hate and I can imagine as a teenager I would have watch this show with tunnel vision and spent the following days discussing it with my girlfriends. Filled with people who love to be awful, love to see others hurting, or just like a good gossip. Basically it is a reality TV show that follows the lives of a group of 20 something guys and girls. Hooks-Ups, break-ups, cat fights, parties and clubs feature heavily. It is like a car crash, you want to look away but you just cant. There are a few lone girls that seem to keep there dignity (Lo and Whitney) but the rest seem to fall in and out of love, get stood up, cheated on, and still run back to the "boy" in question. But at least all the girls in the show seem to have jobs. None of the boys seem to work - all just preferring to live the high life and party. Whilst it is a show centred manly around the girls of the group, a couple of guys get an extra look in. One is Justin Bobby, and very cool character that loves to see how far he can push his long suffering girlfriend (Audrina) by constantly standing her up and dating other girls. The second is Spencer Pratt - Pratt by name pratt by nature. He is a diabolically awful person, embarrassing and demeaning any person he meets. A complete media whore to boot.

Whilst I feel slightly adolescent watching this low calibre of tv, it is quite addictive, as I think most reality shows are. Once you are in, it is hard not to be hooked.

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