Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nail Colour

I have a tormented relationship with my nails.  I do not care for them one iota, but I love beautiful looking nails.

I have tried the fake nails and on me they look, well fake.  And I never get the refilled so eventually they just look like fake nails that are about to fall off.

I love a bit of colour on my nails but my pet hate is chipped nail polish and unless you go the fake route, nail polish will be chipped within approximately 2.5 hours, maybe 3.2 hours if you don't have kids.

There are some great colours and styles out at the moment, my personal favourite is nude with peach tips.

Pinned Image

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If I were to marry a colour ....

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Nude, always super stylish

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Love, love, love

Happy Shopping
Jen and Row

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