Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kitchen Fever

I think I must have Kitchen Fever, and no, that doesn't mean I am whipping up delicious goodies. I am just currently obsessed with kitchen wear. I have finally discovered (taken me a while) that it is the little things that really make a house - and the kitchen is the perfect place for those little things. I like my kitchen to be totally free from clutter - doesn't mean it is, I would just like it to be that way. My ideal kitchen is clean benches, clear fridge (I am not one for vouchers and bills to be pinned to the front of fridges) with maybe a nice bowl with fresh fruit in it and that is about it.

However I have come across these cute t-towels. Of course I don't think you would want to wipe your dishes with them, but they look great. But they are linen so if you did want to use them for practical purposes the would absorb beautifully, although for $49 I wouldn't be going near a dish with them. Available from http://www.nicolacerini.com/products/t_towels

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