Sunday, June 28, 2009

My beauty routine with Jewell

Tonight I gave myself a much needed mini facial with the Jewell products I love so much. I started with the cleanser, then compressed my face with a washer soaked with a few drops of pure lavender oil in warm water. I then used the facial scrub and mask. I finished off with the toner, moisturiser and eye balm. Yes, I didn't leave anything out! My skin felt so nicely cleansed and soft. While I was applying the mask with the brush, my 4yr old son came into the bathroom. He said 'Mum, what are you doing that for?'. I said, 'well, when you are my age (ok, I agree that makes me sound old), you need to look after your skin and make sure its nicely cleansed'. To which he replied, 'but I'm not old and I am not a girl'. He really had taken the 'YOU' literally... I had to laugh, kids say the funniest things...

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