Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lanolips - New Lip Gloss

Do you remember Gemma from the first Australian Big Brother? She was known as the Lip Gloss Queen as she spent most of her time applying Lip Gloss. Well, I must admit, I am starting to think I am not far behind her obsession, I don't feel 'complete' without it on! ha.
Just like all women these days, our mornings are very busy - I have a million little things to do before rushing out the door to run errands, kinder drop etc. So, I have found myself the simplest beauty routine imaginable. Tinted moisturiser, mascara and last but not least - Lip Gloss! "Lanolips' Lip Gloss was released into stores a few weeks ago. It is made from Lanolin, a natural oil produced from sheep. It has been used in a number of products over the years for its healing and soothing properties. Check it out, its in priceline and department stores. There are a number of colours available such as Rose, Dark Honey, Sunshine and Apples (I picked that one!). Till next time... sweet lips.

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