Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Cheer

Christmas is approaching way to quickly for my liking.  Being quite pregnant, my family are traveling to me this year, so it will be a full house especially on Christmas day when my husbands family will be joining us as well.  Luckily I have clued everyone up to look forward to a very easy Christmas food wise as the last thing I want to be doing is cooking all day.

In saying that the kids and I will be having some cooking marathons prior to Christmas.  Instead of buying presents for the Grandads, they will have a variety of fudge to look forward to which I am sure they will appreciate much more then some trinket or book and t-shirt that is just going to sit in their cupboard.  I love giving presents, but I have always been of the opinion that it is not about the amount spent on the present but the thought that goes into it.  I find a handmade card and a necklace my kids have made me far more meaningful than a cheap bag made of vinyl (not naming any names, luckily that person is not in the least  bit interested in my blog, so I can keep up the pretense of just using it when said person is in town). 

Anyway, along with cooking days to fill up the holiday we are going into Christmas craft mode.  After years of working 60 hour weeks, and then having young children who aren't really at the stage of being able to spend long amounts of time doing craft, I am excited this year to get them making Christmassy things.  First on the list is two big canvases that I am going to let my munchkins go wild on.  I am going to paint them first - one red, one green and then it is all up to them.  I got the idea from a visit to the kindy my son will be attending next year.  On the wall was the most amazing painting of an angel.  She was gorgeous, with one eye at the top of her head and the other near her mouth, and a very wobbly smile, but the room feel in love with her and it was the essence of Christmas.

Unlike my possibly unlikely flower garden promise of maybe posting photos - I will be posting photos of my children's grand designs.

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