Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Favourite Blog This Week : The Vintage Sheet Blog

In my younger years (so pre children) I was a great op shopper and nine times out of ten I would end up buying a plus size item and would cut it down to a minuscule little dress (that is when I didn’t mind showing off my legs). It was a really cheap, fun and effective way to create a unique wardrobe, and I loved doing it.

Even when I go out now with this end in mind, I never find what I am looking for. Whether it is usually because I have a four year old with me and I am too distracted to find the “it” piece, or maybe given my lack of time these days, I don’t feel as creative, or maybe I just don’t have the confidence I did in my late teens.... Nevertheless I can’t seem to re-create for myself.

However I came across . This is a great blog about reinventing vintage sheets. It is a lovely blog with postings from other creative minds about things to make with vintage sheets, pillowcases, etc. The tutorials are very thorough with photos through each step.

I haven’t made anything yet, but I have taken the first step and pulled out all my old pillowcases to make a skirt for my daughter /. Although I will endeavour to create this beautiful wreath before Christmas :

My to do list is filling up way to quickly.
Happy Shopping, Love Jen and Row

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