Friday, November 26, 2010

Kids and Chocolate Cake

With two young children my husband and I are pretty active on the weekend - park, pool, visits.  However with my husband away this weekend it is just the three of us, which is sort of nice for a change although we are all missing the forth one very much.

As is family tradition I guess, we sort of have Rafferty's Rules when the dynamics change somewhat.  Dinner is toasted cheese sandwiches, we have a movie night and all pile on the couch together with our dinner,  and by the end of the day a very messy house.  So the kids and I had big plans for this weekend to just relax and see where the weekend takes us. 

It has not gone SO well to this point and it is only Saturday midday.....  The kids have fought non-stop and we have not had a fun morning.  There was a straw that broke the camels back which ended in both kids having some "time to their selves" in there room for 30 minutes (I needed a bit of time in my room as well).  It seemed to have solved the situation and we went onto make a very successful chocolate cake for an afternoon park date with friends.

Rather then trying to create a delicious looking cake, I let the kids go wild with the icing and resisted all urges to even things up.  Anyway, it doesn't really matter how a chocolate cake is iced - it always looks delicious.  They did a pretty good job to, although I'm not entirely sure of the ratio of cake to icing, I have a suspicious that a lot of the icing was secretly consumed before it made it to the cake!!  Who can resist - really!

Hope your are enjoying your weekend.
Jen & Row

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  1. Sounds hectic, but chocolate cake solves all life's little problems. Thanks for stopping by my blog.