Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ragdoll cats

I am feeling rather weary today.  It has been a hot day, and the kids and I have been at home all day, which sounds relaxing but can be rather exhausting when trying to keep them entertained.  It has been nice nevertheless.  I am shamelessly going to blame my tiredness on my cats.  We love them dearly but they are such monsters and are dirty stop outs.  One work me at 3 in the morning to be let out (toilet break) and the other woke me at 3.30 to let in.  We don't normally let our cats stalk the streets at night, but that was the night that was.

Our cats are RSPCA survivors which we adopted about 10 years ago when they were only 6 weeks old.  I think that we will always be RSPCA supporters and only ever adopt animals that aren't lucky enough to have a pedigree but it doesn't stop my yearning for a Rag Doll Cat. 

Our cats, whilst affectionate on "their" terms are not lap cats, and after growing up with a cat always on my lap as soon as I sat down, I really miss that.  Now I have two children constantly on my lap so I shouldn't complain, but patting a cat is a great stress release and it would be nice if my two would be obliging occasionally. 

I always remember my Grandmother working on whatever Handmade item she had taken an interest in, be it embroidery, crocheting or knitting in "her" chair with her tiny Burmese Cat permanently on her lap.  Nick named "The Brown Bomber" by my father she hated everyone except my Gran, but she was very cute.  One day......


  1. Love your blog - and would love it if you'd share your Ragdoll kitty on my site,

  2. Hi there Shimi,

    You have a nice post there. First of all, having a pet dog/cat by your side is really a nice thing, there just like your kids, whenever you're feeling tired and restless you will suddenly feel overwhelmed and happy just by seeing your kids around you, hugging and kissing you. Or even just by sitting beside you. The same with our pets, they are just so affectionate to their human parents especially on your side, since you've always become an RSCPA supporter. That is a very generous act of you. Well you just have to carry more patience with you when it comes to managing your time with your kids, cats and work. :-)

    God Bless you and your family. Hope to read more blogs like this.

    By the way Shimi, there's a great website for Ragdoll cat pet owners and they feature a new Ragdoll cat on a weekly basis - Mondays, to be specific - it's called You should submit your Ragdoll's story!

    Guidelines are here: and an example of one is here: and then submit it all to