Friday, November 12, 2010

Polarized Sunglasses: Maui Jim Sunglasses Review

Are men the harder of the species to buy for?? Absolutely, well in my experience anyway. I have struggled with gifts for my husband for the past 12 years, but occasionally I get it right. An I-Pod was one triumph, but I think I can safely say Polarised Mens Sunglasses were the only other success. I choose a pair of Polarised Sunglasses for him last year after listening to him complain about headaches every time him played golf. Obviously this was due to the glare of the sun. When he got his little tinny for fishing and crabbing, the headaches only got worse. After a lot of consideration (he was sure it was the tightness of the frames) I bought him a pair of polarised sunglasses - and problem solved. I choose a "cheaper" pair of polarised sunglasses because I didn't want to spend a lot of money if it wasn't going to fix the problem, but as it did fix the problem, it will make my husbands next birthday present a much easier choice. If you have ever worn cheap sunglasses as opposed to high quality (and hence more expensive) sunglasses, you will be well aware that there is no choice - quality of quantity every time!! Maui Jim Kahuna will be my next purchase.

What are the benefits of Polarized Sunglasses?

With polarized sunglasses the sea (for example) appears more transparent so they are really beneficial for anyone that loves their outdoor activities. Normal sunglasses will decrease the intensity of everything by the same amount, but polarized sunglasses will selectively eliminate the reflection from light coming from about the waters surface. Polarised Sunglasses will always decrease the intensity of un-polarised light be 50%. Maui Jim Sunglasses have Polarised Plus 2 Technology, which means the lenses block 100 percent of UV rays and they will "manage" blue light. This means there is no interference with colour balance and perception. Maui Jim Sunglasses will compensate for the three types of glare - reflected, direct and bounce-back. They will absorb almost 100% of reflected glare. Well worth the investment if your are an outdoorsy person.

Why Maui Jim Sunglasses:

Maui Jim Sunglasses or Maui Jim Kahuna Sunglasses to be exact, are lightweight and durable. They have adjustable rubber nose pads, adjustable metal core temples, and are saltwater effective. The polarized lens are super thin and are completely Rx-able (meaning you can put prescription lenses in the frames). They also have PolarisedPlus 2 Technology as explained above, so you are getting ultimate UV protection to your eyes. Best of all, and the most common complaint I here about sunglasses, they are scratch resistant.

Some of the great features of the Maui Jim Sunglasses:

They have many wonderful features.

• The frames are Monel/Acetate, strong and stylish.

• They have Spring Hinges, which means it varies the amount of tension placed on your temples. They are made with springs, allowing the temples of the frame to press more firmly to the head. It is one of the reasons the glasses are more expensive, but it allows for you to have a customised fit.

• The lens type is glass, not plastic and as mentioned (just a few times) it is polarised glass.

• The nose pads are silicone, which are translucent and will stick to the skin without discomfort (great for those with sensitive skin).

• With the Sunglasses you will received a hard case.

• They are made in Italy, so you know they are quality.
• 2 Year Warranty

Any negatives?

Head on through to Amazon to see some great reviews (the average customer review is 4 out of 5), however the only negative I have come across is the price. Comments have been made that the glasses are pricey, but it is backed up with the age old comment "You get what you pay for". Quality comes with a price, and when you buy Maui Jim Sunglasses you are buying quality.

So where can you buy Maui Jim Kahuna Sunglasses?

You can buy Maui Jim Kahuna Sunglasses at a discounted price at Amazon. At the moment you can buy from from under $220 dollars, which I believe is about $100 off the retail price, and they are available in gunmetal or metallic glass copper frames. You may also be able to receive free shipping and free returns in the unlikely event that the glasses don't meet your expectations. Click here to view on Amazon.   Or to look at all the styles you can always go through to Shimi where we have the three colours displayed.  Don't forget to check out Shimi's other great products, both through Amazon and through our amazing designers that custom make products for you.

Need more convincing?

Here are a couple of reviews that say so much:

• "I highly recommend this line of sunglasses. They are the best sunglasses I have ever worn. Two Thumbs Up"

• "The quality is like any other! The lens are scratch resistant and never fog, it offers fantastic UV protection, and it cuts through almost all of the glare left on the water."

The best place for reviews though is the Amazon site. Click here to read more. However you can always pop down to Shimi for more information on these products sold through Amazon.  Happy Shopping, Jen and Row

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