Wednesday, December 1, 2010

French Connection Casual Chic

I unfortunately don't get out much at night and due to that I find it hard to spend to much money on evening wear because I know it is such a long time between drinks so to speak.  However I am not opposed to spending money on my casual clothes.  I am a clothes horse, I love fashion, and I am not one to wear the same outfit for years on end.  Clothing that suits me makes me feel happy when I put it on.  It may sound shallow, but I will own that.  It is just like putting on a spray of perfume in the morning, it is just one little thing to lift the spirits, and if that is going to enhance your day - why not?  We have one life to live people, let's do all we can to make it fun!

However that is not to say I spend A LOT on my casual clothes.  I have a range with everything from the very discount department stores up to well known designer brands.  I love French Connection for their casual range.  Whilst a little more expensive then the average (but not by much) they last really well and have a very timeless feel.  But they are a little unique and that is what I want for my day to day clothes - still wearable, still comfortable, but I am not going to pass 15 people in the street wearing the same thing.

I love the Dandy Voile top by French Connection for just this reason.  This little top would go with jeans, shorts or a cute skirt, and the sleeves make it a bit of something special.  A great white shirt is hard to pass up, but the sleeve ruffle really give it a feminine edge.  Another favourite is the Candy Stripe Ruffle sleeve dress by French Connection.  Hmmm, when I'm not pregnant.........  Until then I have to be content with my limited maternity wardrobe.  Oh well - 13 weeks to go.

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