Monday, August 22, 2011

What colour to paint?

I am in a quandary at the moment.

I have a "modern" house.  I do love my house but it is a basic 4 bedroom with study, with all the standard themes of the moment - the island bench, the open plan living.  Like I said I love it, but there is nothing really interesting about it.  This is good in a lot of way - I have a blank canvas to play with.

My problem is that the interior has been painted a very boring cream colour, actually it is more like a plaster board colour.  Plus all the trims and doors have been painted that colour.  I would love a really crisp white, (Gild and Grace have a great post with lots of white rooms at the moment)but that means I have to paint all the trims and doors white as well - double the work, or double the cost.  So I thought I might go a colour, then I can get away with leaving the trims for the moment.  I am thinking a very pale grey/blue or a very pale green.  What do you think??  I need advice....

Here are some great ideas, but not sure if I am bold enough to do the whole house:

Blue grey ...  Yellow is not for me, but I like the look.

This looks lovely and fresh, perfect against the white.

Love this, the pale green with the wooden feature looks very earthy.

Bright green - love it, it looks so fresh.

Again, a brighter blue but a different feel, very warm.

Hmm, I think looking at all these photos have made me love plain old white even more....


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  1. Hmm such a tough one. The beauty of white is that you can add and change the accent colours up with soft furnishings and accessories. But of course colours are great too! I'm all about the blues at the moment, just so fresh and calming. Features walls for the best of both worlds?? Sorry I probably haven't helped much! Abbey x