Friday, August 5, 2011

The Great Poo Disaster

What a night.  I just spent the last half hour bleaching our toilet walls, floor and toilet itself after my 4 year old seemed to have a poo explosion.  It was everywhere.  I didn't even attempt to wash his undies - straight in the bin they went.

I absolutely LOVE being a mum, and I say that not in a preachy way, I have my bad days like everyone, and if I have to play Toy Story Snakes and Ladders one more time I think I may have a tiny aneurysm, but for me it is my JOB that doesn't feel like a job.  I used to loathe getting up in the morning to go to work and wished for the day that I had a job I loved, and I now have it.  (I just want to stress though that I am not pretending to be a super mum or that every moment is like a cheesy 60s sitcom, motherhood just fits for me).  However tonight was not one of my favourite moments.

It was gross and heartbreaking.  My little one came running out to me (leaving a lovely trail of poo) hysterical because he had not only not made it to the toilet but somehow got it everywhere and tried to clean it up.   If he wasn't covered in poo I would have given him a massive hug.  Instead husband put him in the shower while I set to work.  But it made me think, as a mother, we automatically see the vulnerability in our children.

This is me and my gorgeous 5 month old

I am sure I will have the privilege of cleaning many more poo, vomit and wee incidence.  But I think the fun times far out way the disgusting times.  And I have so much ammunition for when they are teenagers.  MWAHAHAHAHA


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