Sunday, August 28, 2011

Holiday Time

Jets Prairie Boyleg One PieceFor the first time since we have had kids we are going on a proper holiday.... the kind where you can't cook and everything!

Yes, we are off to Daydream Island for seven days of sun, sand and surf.  We are staying at a hotel, so I can't even toast a slice of bread, which is the most exciting thing about the holiday for me!

We have had holidays since children came along, but it is either a long weekend at an apartment (so as you know mums, the cooking and cleaning continues) or a once a year we head up to Cairns to visit my gorgeous parents, but again the cooking and cleaning continues.

So when my husband said it was time for a "real" holiday (which to him, just quietly, was a week at Threadbo - he would have had a lovely time, whilst I stayed in a serviced apartment with our 4 month old and tried to persuade the 4 and 6 year old to wait until Dad came home for skiing before they tackle the snow) I put my foot down and said resort time!

So now for resort clothes.

Togs I am a little intimidated by at the moment.. however a need is a need.

I think the days of bikinis are over for me for the moment - at 35 with 3 kids I need to give myself a bit of a break, at least until number 3 is over 1.  So one piece it is.  Love these ones from Swimwear Galore
Speedo Vintage Tie Front One Piece

But is you still love a bikini, these are cute:

anna and boy

Sand in My Toes
Vix - Louise Square Bandeau Bikini

For The Girls.... These Ones are from Seafolly

And for the boys and men ... well lets face it as far as I am concerned it's board shorts or board shorts.

and lastly for the bag to lug everything around in ....

Dewberry Tote

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

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