Saturday, August 6, 2011

Choose your Hard

I LOVE this....

It's right - it's all hard, it is just our choice which hard we want to take.

It's like anything.  Take our business.  It is hard to maintain enthusiasm for a new business because it is really hard work slogging away but I love what I do.
But it was harder for me to go to a job everyday that I hated, that I had NO enthusiasm for.

Sometimes it seems easier not to change, not to make a different choice.

But imagine if you did make the choice.....

What changes am I going to make....

I am going to get fit and lose the last 5 kilos that are hanging around. 

I am going to get back to recycle clothing.  I love buying op shop clothes and tweaking them - so much fun, it's creative and it's original.  It is hard to find the time, so hard, but I will.

I will choose to keep my handbag clean and free from chocolate chip cookies.

And I will choose to be happy as much as possible and see the sunlight in everything!


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