Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vintage Lace

My initial thoughts on lace for some reason always goes to tacky black synthetic lace. But here I have found some beautiful, chic, romantic lace fashion and accessories. Good lace is expensive, like most things quality over quantity.

This is a favorite dress. Very vintage in style and so feminine.

A white lace dress is timeless (a good white lace dress that is). Great for a baby shower, lunch out, a day shopping and a would say a wedding but I must be old fashioned and follow the rule of never wear white to a wedding, unless it is your own of course.

Most lace fashion is lovely an old Worldly, but I love that these three outfits have a modern twist. Love the lace maxi skirt.

Oh my, these lace boots are so pretty, although toenails need to be done and let's not go red, a French manicure would be very stylish. I want!!!!

A little lace shrug, perfect with a sundress to cover the shoulder if your like me and have turned 35 and suddenly turned into a grandma that doesn't like showing of to much cleavage (I'm sure that will pass and by 40 I will be getting fake tans and have my boobs pushed up for all to see - maybe even a boob job.....

Ah, if only I could do the wedding over again ..... Not really, I still love my wedding dress, but this dress is beautiful...

This is beyond gorgeous.

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

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