Monday, May 25, 2009


Oh my goodness - who really cares anymore (or ever). I was doing my Monday morning grocery shop today, and of course flicked through a few mags at the check out line. Three cover stories were about Brad and Ange. The first was "They're faking it", the second "He'll never leave me" and the third "Still hollywoods hottest couple". I was tired of them before they even declared they were a couple.

I find it funny how three magazines can have such different stories, especially as though I am positive all their sources are reliable, lol. I guess we all do it though - people watch and make up a little scene in our head about what is really going on, not unlike looking at a photo of some celebrity couple and fabricating a story from it. It is a bit of fun I guess, for the public. Can't imagine it is that much fun for the celebrities involved. Imagine having a heated discussion with your partner over what to have for dinner and the local supermarket and it being spread all over the media that "Jane and Bob on the Rocks". Simply because you wanted green beans with dinner and he didn't......

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