Friday, May 29, 2009

Girly Stuff

My daughter is the ultimate girl. It is shorts or jeans to kindy, but then that is the end of that and it is dresses or skirts for the rest of the week (even if we have to put tracky daks underneath). She is always adorned in plastic jewellery and her main loves are princesses and mermaids.

So when I saw these adorable crayons on Etsy, I immediately thought of my girl. A prolific "artist" needs the right tools and these will do just the job (and they are made from recycled crayons so good for the environment - waste not want not). I especially like the colours intertwined. We have some similar pencils (boring old straight ones) that have the colours mixed, and it is the most fun when colouring. It is a great way to teach them about mixing hues and discovering what colour is made from mixing. Find these crayons at

I find it quite a challenging job to always think of something new and exciting to do with my kids, but I do find the simplest things are always a hit, like drawing or playdoh or a personal favourite for my kids, pretend games. Currently we are on a round of Peter Pan. I am hoping that a new obsessions rears it's ugly head soon as I am all Captain Hooked out, but that is the joy of motherhood.

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