Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sleepy Head

In my yoga class a few nights ago, my wonderful yoga teacher was talking about the ways in which the change in season can affect how we feel. Such as in Summer, the extra daylight hours and sunlight streaming into our rooms, encourages us to jump out of the bed that little bit earlier and make the most of the day. And so, it makes sense with Winter, that our bodies naturally go into some sort of hibernation. We all of a sudden feel like sleeping more, and moving less. I always vow to myself that I will stay just as energetic during Winter as I am in Summer. But, as my instructor explained, it isn't really what our bodies are looking for. They need more sleep in Winter! And, to help with making that happen, we could all start with going to bed just that little bit earlier.. It will do us the world of good... Speaking of getting to bed, its very very late. So, I best be going.. Sweet Dreams..

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