Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kid's Stuff

At Shimi we have been lucky enough to have a couple of great designers with us. One is Rebecca Nash, who makes the cutest little t-shirts and sets for boys and girls. There are creative, out of the ordinary and bring a smile to your face. My personal favourite is the giant cupcake. Everytime I look at it and I feel like cake (not a huge stretch on any given day, but nevertheless....).

This week we also received some cute new apron's from "Mine Too" designer, Leanne Boyd. So retro and bold, but also very practical. I usually make my children stripe off to their underwear when we cook (we are Queenslanders and live in pleasant temperatures most of the year round - let it be known I am not making my children cook for me near naked in the middle of winter at freezing temperatures), and I am sick of trying and failing to wash chocolate out of their clothes. These aprons have a plastic side that wipes clean so you can last a few cooking sessions without having to wash these babies continually. Great idea.

Lastly we are pleased to say that Shimi has jumped on the designing band wagon and have a few select t-shirts to add to our collection. The designs are simple but cute and again, a little bit different what you see in the shops every season.

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