Friday, March 6, 2009

Beautiful Things

We are in our first week of blogging! It is a whole new world out there for us in the bloggging community. We are mums of two (each) small children, which we find incredibly rewarding, although we do each have a strong addiction to chocolate and coffee! However being a mum, you do tend to lose your identity somewhat, which is why we decided to inject a bit of creativity into our lives and start our online store It has proven to be a great labour of love - and our sanity.

Our theme at the moment is "things of beauty". I have a funny story to share which I am sure we can all relate to doing at one time or another. My family and I spent last sunday with friends who have been impacted by the Victorian Bushfires. We spent the morning pulling wire from burnt fences on their property to prepare it for re-wiring. While we were working away, we had a conversation about how it's sad that we need to lock our houses up like fort-knox these days - even when just going down the paddock..
After a good day's work and being away from my home (in town) from 9am - 4pm, we pulled up at our front door. To my horror, as I walked up to it, I found my screen and front door wide open! No, I hadn't been broken into - I had left it open! Just walked out the door that morning and completely forgotten to close it. Ha! What a relief to see that all of our goods were just as we had left them. But even better, the realisation that our quiet little street in the suburbs is fairly safe as well! It was quite liberating to think of what could have been, but didn't happen! Phew!
Have you ever done that? Share your similar stories..

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