Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cute Cards

I have come across this great on-line store call Mondo Cherry -

They make the cutest cards (among other things), and the reason really struck a cord with me.  I have a house FULL of books, and come from a house with every wall adorned with bookshelf full of books, of all different genre.   Both of my parents are huge readers, and apart from a brief spell of rebellious ignorance, I LOVE to read (although with two little ones, I am more prolific with under 5 year old books, then anything else).  Thankfully my two little ones also love to read (and I am trying to encourage my husband, who is more in touch with pop culture then I would like, to become ONE OF US).  My smallest usually wakes quite early and instead of waking us up (bless him), with plop himself before the bookshelf and read (aloud) until we are all awake.

However with little ones, and life in general, books don't always remain in immaculate condition.  Although this is life, it also saddens me to see this, and the girls from Mondo Cherry obviously feel the same as they have made these little cards from books that are a little more then worse for ware.  

It is lovely to see this sort of creativity in such a disposable world.  

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