Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Children's Craft

I have two very active children, and when a daytime sleep is just not an option, the next best thing to do is to sit them down with craft.  Generally it is a very pleasant experience, lots of sharing, and compliments flying left right and centre, but today was a little different.  My oldest has just started Kindy and as such is learning lots of new things - one of her favourite things to do cutting and glueing, which she is very good at for a four year old.  However, now the 2 year old wants to do the same thing.  I am a pretty relaxed mum and like my children to experience things rather then wrap them up in cotton wool, but the use of scissors is a little more of an anxiety builder - especially when combined with fighting.  However all in all it went well, until I found that my 2 year old had decided to do a little creative cutting on his clothing.... and his sisters.  Don't ask me how I missed this little slip up when I was sitting right next to him, but it happened.  Ah well.

Regardless of these little incidents I think craft can be one of the most gratifying projects a child and parent can do together.  It is fun, they kids are using their fine motor skills and problem solving skills, and they are using their imagination.  Another great project is planting seeds and/or plants.  Although you have to be careful with the combination of potting mix and children (potting mix is toxic), it is a great way to get kids interested in the environment and they are absolutely chuffed when they see seeds growing into seedlings, flowers emerging, and plants growing.  (It is a great gift idea for little ones too.  Instead of buying endless presents that I'm sure most kids don't even give a second look to, try giving a potplant holder and a packet of seeds, or seedlings ready to be planted).  Check out this site for some more great info on kids and gardening:

We would love to hear more craft ideas of kids - let us know your favourites.

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