Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kids and Food

Being the mum of two under four I fill my life with my beautiful friends and their wonderful kids.  It saves my sanity and give the kids a different focus from drawing on the carpet or making new and improved colours from my make-up.  So today was lovely, with 8 mums and double the amount of children running around.

One lovely mum thoughtfully brought a delicious chocolate cake, which the kids swooped on.  Being from 1-5 years of age, cleanliness is never a major issue is their lives, and therefore there was chocolate from top of the head to the feet.  Not only was it all over them, but all over me, the walls, the floor and the carpet.  (anyone know how to get chocolate out of the carpet??).  Nevertheless, as the ad goes, life is meant to be messy, and there is nothing sweeter then seeing the kids having a wonderful time together.  Ah motherhood.

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