Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Eggs

Having two kids in the house aged 4 and 2, Easter is a big deal for our family. Yes, I am one of those mums that allows the kids to have a chocolate egg with their breakfast for that one special day a year. Of course the kids were awake at some ungodly hour, and were looking for signs of the Easter Bunny at every corner. My daughter went outside immediately and was very disappointed to tell me that the Easter Bunny had NOT left them any eggs for an Easter hunt. My reply to that was that the Easter Bunny makes the eggs invisible until he sees that children have eaten their breakfast, brushed their teeth and made their beds (I love the innocence of youth). I then managed to hold off on the Easter egg hunt until after we had taken a walk and gotten the kids out into the fresh air. Whilst my husband made sure the children were strapped into their car sets to take us to our walking destination, I ducked out the back door and "hid" the eggs for the Easter egg hunt.

We had a lovely walk along the water front, and came home to find................ Easter egg wrappers everywhere around the yard. Our friendly crows (that I must confess devour our sandwich scraps most days) had decided that they would get in on the fun and have some chocolate on Easter Sunday. So, although less chocolate is a blessing in disguise, my kids were NOT impressed. The crows are currently in time out!

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