Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sadie the cleaning lady

Today's blog is a short and funny story.... A few days ago, I did the fun task of cleaning my bathrooms/toilets while my two young sons slept. I must admit, I have mastered cleaning my house from top to bottom in such a short time these days. I scoot from one room to another telling myself that at the end of this cleaning session, I will reward myself with a cup of black tea and some chocolate! ha. (gets me motivated everytime).
My 4yr old woke from his sleep and as we all do, went straight to the toilet. Next minute he yells out 'mum, can I use the toilet?'. I answered, 'of course', why wouldn't you be able to?'. He replied 'its so clean, I wasn't sure if you would mind me using it!'. ha. (Now, I didn't think my toilets were that bad to begin with?!) Very funny..
And my cleaning tip for the day is - ENJO.. It cleans and shines bathroom benches and shiny chrome taps with ease. The marble paste is excellent for cleaning the tiles and glass in showers. Check it out if you haven't already!

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